Inside Versus Outside

I do my woodworking projects both inside and outside of my housing unit. Doing work inside during Winter month requires mostly the use of hand tools due to the sawdust and noise generated by my power tools. So far I’ve collected two routers, two drills, a hand jigsaw and a table jigsaw along with a 7 1/4″ Porter Cable circular saw and my new DeWalt 745 10″ contractors table saw. A new router table is in the works. That’s a lot of power tools making way too much sawdust in a 10’x20′ room where I must also live. All these lovely power tools allow me to make more, tools. I have made two crosscut sleds, three shooting boards for my bench planes and a number of bench hooks for holding everything to the edge of my workbench.

Now that Spring is so very close it’s time to make two new workbenches, one for the inside for assembly, prep & planing and an outside work stand to hold my power tools when I need them. As usual I’ve hunted far and wide on the internet and especially YouTube for a design I like for that stand/table. Below is a picture of the design I like the best. It’s made of construction grade material which is sturdy and cheap. Do you realize that if you cut a 2″x4″x8′ stud in half you quadruple it’s cost? 1″x4″ shelving is expensive. If you buy a 2″x4″ and slice it in half on a table saw you have (2) 1″x4″ pieces which would have cost you $7 out of a 2″x4″ that costs $2.50. Now you know why I love my table saw so much.

So my portable, compact 10″ DW745 table saw needs a sturdy stand, as does my jigsaw table and router table. The design below is on locking casters and can support my 250 lb. weight easily. The extra shelf below can hold one of my power tools while another is on top. I should be able to buy all the 2″x6″ framing lumber for around $50. My table saw will cut everything to length in 5-10 minutes. Piece of cake!

We’re looking at Monday & Tuesday of next week bringing temperatures in the 70s and even 80 on Tuesday. Time to get outside and make this table.

Rolling Tool Station


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