Benchtop Router Table

I keep adding woodworking plans to my priority list of Spring projects. Some have already begun and I’m simply waiting for fair weather to take them outside. Using power tools inside is possible but it trashes my apartment, covering everything with a fine layer of sawdust. It’s a real pain to clean up the mess. I can still do assembly work inside and just do my cutting, routing and sanding outside. That makes the construction of that power tool workstation a very high priority.

Another invaluable tool in the planning is a tabletop router table. I have a brand new Porter Cable 690LR 1 1/2 hp router mounted on a Kreg table insert. I finished that mounting this past week and it turned out perfect. Now it’s time to make the surrounding table that will fit atop that new power tool workstation I need to build. I may get started on that project next weekend, depending on available money and cooperation from Mother Nature. Spring is right around the corner so there will be nice days to do plenty of work. Who said retirement is boring? LOL

New tabletop router table –

Benchtop Router Table


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