GRR-Ripper 200

One of the tools I’ll be ordering next is a fantastic safety device for use on my table saw and router table that still needs to be built. I’ve sort of become attached to my fingers throughout my 67 years on earth and this tool will keep them in their original condition.

The control you get by using  Gripper allows you to safely rip stock lumber to any width, even veneer strip 1/16″ or less. It creates finished cuts without are without getting the typical blade burns caused by hesitating while you try to guide material through a sharp saw blade.

You can easily cut grooves and dados with the aid of a Gripper. When using the Gripper  on a router table you again have great control of your wood moving against a high speed carbide bit.

I’ve talked about saving a great deal of money on the cost of thinner stock by ripping construction grade lumber into thinner pieces. The Gripper makes this task safe and easy, allowing repetitive cuts out of dimensional lumber cut to rough lengths. Stock preparation is the key to precision woodworking. Combined with high quality sharp hand tools such as Japanese crosscut saws, chisels and bench planes, the sky’s the limit on what you can make.

I’ll be ordering my GRR-Gripper 200 with an auxiliary 1/8″ fence this coming Wednesday with my Amazon Prime account. I shopped at half a dozen online woodworking tool stores and Amazon beat them all by throwing in free two day shipping as well as a cost saving bundle deal with that added thin fence. I’m getting the whole package for $93.81. I look forward to its arrival, possibly by next weekend.

GRR-Gripper 200

GRR-Ripper 200

4 thoughts on “GRR-Ripper 200

  1. Hi Bob, This sounds great.
    WOW, did we ever have a storm last Friday. The wind gusts were up to 60 mph. Our power went out at 7:50 am Friday and came back on at 12:15 Sunday. That was a couple cold nights but we did ok. Over 400 power lines were down and over 200,000 people without power.
    Hope you have a great day

    • That weather made national news. Wind has always been a problem in the Columbia River Gorge. I recall wind storms that toppled trees, sometime maintaining 75 mph for hours. Astoria was affected by such a storm years ago.

  2. Do not remember seeing anything like that. Is this relatively a new kind of machine? Sounds like a great thing to have. Especially if you want to keep all your fingers.

    • It’s a versatile form og push block design to keep your hands well away from the blade while providing great control of your wood. It’s quite unique and will be a valuable asset in my woodworking projects.

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