Easy To Build Workbench Kit

Wow did I discover a fantastic product today! It’s called the Easy To Build Workbench Kit made by Simpson Strong Fit. I had already started building my new workbench when I came across this YouTube video showing how to build an incredibly strong workbench with just a few tools in about 2-3 hours. I watched the entire construction video and got more excited by the minute because of the versatility of this steel connection system. I spotted a second construction video produced by Simpson showing a young lady who had never used a power tool in her life build another bench. The kit is $39.95 through Amazon Prime. I will buy this kit tomorrow.

Because I use pocket screws in my construction I disassembled the sections of my other bench build and cut that wood to fit the new steel brackets. I am 1 2×4 shy of a complete workbench, a $2.50 item. I’ll need to buy a 3/4″ or 1″ sheet of MDF for the top and have the lumber guys cut the 4’x8′ sheet into 4 2’x4′ sheets. I’ll make my new benchtop out of 2 of these sheets, stacking them together for an extra thick stop. Again, because of the steel connection kit I can modify their plan to any thickness of top.

I’ve included the YouTube video of that young gal making her bench with no help from anyone. They did teach her how to use a cordless driver drill before turning her loose. This is intended to demonstrate how easy it is to make a super sturdy workbench. If she could do it so could you. Enjoy!

2X4 Workbench


Simpson Workbench Build


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