Shoutout For A True Craftsman

I subscribe to a number of YouTube channels that I follow faithfully. One such channel is put on by Wranglerstar, a homesteading site showing the life of a family in rural America. They post wholesome videos that are true to life, real and educational.

Wranglerstar recently posted a special video telling the story behind a gift he received from a handicapped veteran in the form of handcrafted clamps made one at a time. They are heirloom quality and beautiful. The veteran that made them gives them away and doesn’t sell them yet he struggles to make ends meet financially. I would gladly buy a set of these clamps from him and probably give him twice his asking price.

If you can spare a few minutes please watch the video below and tell me & Wranglerstar what you think. Thanks for watching in advance. It will warm your heart.

2 thoughts on “Shoutout For A True Craftsman

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