Farmer Bob

Craziness, it’s all craziness! 85 one day and 50 the next day. Pollen everywhere yet the chance of a late frost still exists. My arthritis is going nuts with all the drastic changes here in Massachusetts. It must be Spring!


I’m getting ambitious is my retirement days. I’m planting a garden this year for the first time in 12 years. I used to have two 1,000 square foot gardens while living in South Carolina. That was another lifetime ago. This time around I’m going with a piece of land around 8’x8′ or 64 square feet.

Living in a public housing unit for seniors has its pros and cons. I love my tiny apartment where I’ve made a home instead of just an apartment. I built a new outside bench last week that is now covered with 40 pound bags of topsoil and fertilizer. I’m busy building 2″x4″ wooden platforms/stands for my elevated planter boxes that are converted Rubbermaid Roughneck storage boxes with snap-on lids. They are the 18 gallon variety, able to hold a bunch of soil that will be more than enough to plant my tiny garden. I have three of these boxes in the works.

Below I’m showing a picture of a similar setup to my upcoming tiny garden. In my case I have three 18 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck boxes filling with a mixture of organic potting soil and fertilizer/compost. My gardening center had a big sale that sold me five 40 pound bags of planting soil for the price of 4. Add to that four 40 pound bags of fertilizer/compost. Imagine 5 such bags plus 4 bags of fertilizer in the back of my SmartCar. That tested my car’s rear suspension for sure! LOL It also tested my back having to relocate it once i drove the 1/4 mile home to my apartment. I carried all 9 bags to the sidewalk in front of my unit and stacked them up on my new outside bench I just built last weekend. Glad I built that bench out of 2″x8″s! 🙂


Garden Stand

I’m making wooden platforms for the three containers to keep them about 18″ above the ground. These will become self-contained tiny gardens for whatever vegetables I decide to plant in them. I know there will be two tomato plants in one box with red/yellow/orange bell peppers, cucumbers and radishes in another box. Throw in a patch of lettuce and I’ve built a nice fresh salad for my meals throughout the Summer. I have an empty freezer so there’s plenty of room for frozen vegetables strait from my garden. I have a feeling nothing I grow will be wasted as I love in a senior housing project. I might even develop some new friends! LOL Wish me a green thumb in the grand experiment. More to follow…….


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