Table Saw Safety

Only one saw I know of would save your fingers/hand, arm or face if you made contact with its spinning blade, a SawStop. The inventor actually tested his technology with his own finger and walked away without even a scratch. You will never, ever get me to test out a table saw in this fashion! Forget about it! If, on the other hand, I would accidentally come in contact with a high speed saw blade while working I would hope I owned a SawStop table saw with this amazing technology.

Roy Underhill is a famous woodworker that decided to test the braking technology on a SawStop cabinet saw in a woodworking demonstration. He did NOT use his own hand in the test but rather, being an old Southern gentleman, used a piece of fried chicken in this safety test. Even that makes me squeamish!

Now in all honesty I will probably never own a table saw with this amazing safety technology but I admire that there is a saw out there that has it. Nobody get hurt in this video, not even the fried drumstick Roy pushes into a spinning saw blade. Enjoy the show!


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