Last Day Of April

Where is this year going? Today is the last day of April. We’re entering May for goodness sake! It’s time to plant the tomatoes.

There’s a thunderstorm going on right now. I awoke from my little siesta to hear a roar coming from outside my front door. It was a sudden downpour spring shower coming down hard and fast. Free water for my garden! I have yet to see anything break through the topsoil as I only planted the radish, pepper, lettuce and cucumber seeds earlier this week. The three Roughneck Rubbermaid containers are perched carefully atop their wooden platforms about 15 feet from my front door.

Tomorrow is the day my pension checks gets deposited automatically. Just as automatic is how fast it all disappears. There’s rent to pay, car insurance is due and I have 3 2″x4″x8′ to buy to complete a couple of woodworking projects. Oh, did I mention I’m almost out of food, again! I calculate after all of that I might have $20 left to last me until my Social Security check arrives on May 10. What a routine! Welcome to retirement!

In the meantime I’m loving this Spring weather, even the rain. No more drought in the New England states, thank God! Later this week the forecast puts us in the 60s and low 70s, great for my Springtime crops like radishes and lettuce. It’s all good! Have a great Sunday All!


2 thoughts on “Last Day Of April

  1. Time does fly doesn’t it. I loved Chicago when it would thunder and the hard spring showers. We, Ron and girls, used to watch just under the eves of the house the lightning and hear the thunder. Listen and count from the thunder/lightening how far the rain was from us. I miss the thunder here.
    You really had a great day!

    • After 10 years in Portland I miss the rain in general. The best storms were in South Carolina, “Frog Stranglers”! While working at the textile mills I used to sit on the back loading dock, all alone, and watch it pour for 45 minutes.

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