Free Water

I was just awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of rain starting to fall outside my bedroom window. The housing unit I call home is old but solidly built so the sound of rain is generally muted. We had brand new roofs put on each building shortly after I moved in here a year ago. After that 4 new doors were installed in each unit, two entrance and two storm/screen doors. It’s a very secure feeling to have everything modern and updated. Combined with the original hardwood floors and brick walls I am truly blessed to have such a great home.

When I hear the rain coming down as I do this very moment I’m reminded how God provides for our every need. We are blessed to have such a wonderful climate in New England, having only recently emerged from drought conditions. So many parts of our world never see 4 distinct seasons that create the lush vegetation, abundant wildlife and fresh drinking water for our survival. Thanks be to God!

One of the reasons I’ve come to love blogging is my ability to freely speak my mind and openly practice my Christian faith. We live in a precious environment here in the United States, with total freedom of religion as well as freedom of speech. I don’t take these rights lightly and will always fight for them to remain the norm, not only for myself but for anyone else living in the United States. Nobody is perfect but everyone deserves the right to practice their faith without intimidation or concern. <Getting off my soapbox now>!

So my little micro garden, grown in 4 raised containers, is get a drink of fresh rainwater provided by nature tonight. The shower has stopped and now the birds are loudly proclaiming its passing. What a way to awaken in the morning, the sound of rain followed by birdsong! Back to bed with me. I still have 2-3 hours more to catch. 🙂

A New Day




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