How I Spent My Weekend

I know this may seem boring to some but it represents my life now in beautiful New England. I’ve changed so many things since moving here, reviving my old woodworking hobby and pushing my motorcycling and photography in the background.

I’m often asked what I do with all my woodworking projects when they are finished since I still live in a 10’x20′ single room plus a full kitchen & bathroom. So far most of my woodworking projects involve building and making woodworking tools. I’ve built a brand new fantastic workbench on casters as well as useful furniture such as outside benches and stands for my raised container garden.

With the acquisition of two Dewalt folding sawhorses I’ve built a 2’x4′ bench top screwed to two 48″ 2″x4″s that fit perfectly into my new sawhorses. That gives me a quick, sturdy, portable workbench I can carry outside and set up in under 10 seconds flat. Can’t beat that with a stick! 🙂

Sunday, after church, I set up that sawhorse bench outside and then slapped my DeWalt table saw on one side and hand tools on the other. I cut and ripped all the wooden parts for my flower pot stands before my friend, Jack, arrived with a project that would keep us both busy the rest of the afternoon. He brought with him a supply of old tongue & groove hardwood flooring that we ripped down to perfectly milled pieces we used to make picture frames. Jack is a local artist requiring high quality, good looking frames to display his artwork in museums. They have to be perfect or they detract from his artwork. He only needed one exact frame that day but he brought enough wood for 5 frames by the time we were finished. He gratefully took me out to lunch as a thank you for my time.

He was impressed with how quickly and accurately I did the job at hand, measuring twice and cutting once. I cut groves in the frame pieces for the backerboard and painting before mitering all four corners. I added rabbets on the inside edges of the frames to accept a backer board, mat glass & the painting. The joints were perfect, causing the seams to virtually disappear. Jack left with the completed frame pieces that he would take home, paint and then fasten together. He also took home the raw stock for four more frames complete with rabbeted edges and that grove for his back. It was a successful project! Jack helped me clean everything up before we carried it all back into my apartment to store away for the next day’s project. Weather usually dictates workdays. 🙂

Completed Planter Stands

Planter Stands

Completed Frame

Week 29


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