Happy Birthday To Me

Wow! What a great day I’ve had! I turned 68 today with much fanfare and celebration. My email box was full of birthday greetings this morning from groups I’d forgotten about for years. You see every time you join a forum online you list your birthdate as part of the personal information kept on file. A computer never forgets your birthday so dozens of sites automatically spit out email birthday greeting to me.

Iy also happens to be payday today, ie. my Social Security check was directly deposited to my checking account. My wish list with Amazon Prime got a lot of business today fulfilling some of my birthday wishes. There are 3-4 packages heading my way that will be here in 2 days.

The Senior Center in Uxbridge didn’t forget my birthday either. There was a birthday card handed to me with birthday greetings sign by all the regular lunch crowd during the week. Our cook graciously failed to produce the traditional cupcake with a candle in it, knowing I’m a diabetic. I enjoyed the butterscotch sugar free pudding we all ate for dessert after the delicious chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and carrots we had for lunch.

Next came a phone call from my best friend, Warren, back in Portland, Oregon. He caught me at the perfect time, just before I was about to start my car in a Dollar Tree parking lot. We chatted for a good 45 minutes before we wrapped it up for the day. I arrived home just in time for two more emails, a gift card from Warren and a birthday greeting from Warren’s parents in Salem, OR. They are my dear friends made during my 10 years of living in Oregon. I was their guest on every holiday. They always made me feel like family and I dearly love them.

So here’s to one of the happiest birthday I’ve experienced in decades. Now it’s onward to 69! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Sending you my happy birthday greetings too, Bob. And a wish for many, many more.
    I turned 69 this year, and I can tell you that there is nothing to fear. I actually felt a little down about turning 69 — even though I had not felt that way with previous birthdays. But after I got here, I suddenly experienced a sense of freedom that I had not had previously, and it’s turning out to be one of my best years of all.

    • So much of aging is maintaining basics like walking, hearing and good vision. I’m dealing with the onset of cataracts right now. My arthritis gets to be a nuisance at time but I’m not using a cane/walker/wheelchair so I consider my mobility a continued asset. I’m really enjoying retirement too!

      • I think ENJOYING retirement is a main thing. My sister worried for two years before she retired that she wouldn’t have anything to motivate her to keep staying active and having a full life if she did’t work. But the Lord has opened so many doors to interacting with people on a whole new level that she’s actually more active in positive ways now than she ever was able to be when she worked full time.

      • There’s very true retirement joke that’s always been popular. After one year of retirement ask yourself if you still have time to return to a 40 hour work week? I couldn’t fit work in my schedule if I tried. Imagine T.G.I.F. losing its meaning or no more waiting for a nice weekend to enjoy the beach, go on a road trip or cruise. That’s what retirement should be.

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