Breakfast Radishes

My first crop of vegetables to be harvested are breakfast radishes. I pulled 6 of them out of their container once the red tops popped above the soil. I thoroughly washed everyone, cut the thin root and leaves off and washed them again. I salted the little gems and popped the first efforts of my labor in my mouth. They were absolutely delicious!

I have about 10 more of the same maturity left in their container before waiting for the second planting to mature. I planted a third batch in a 10″ pot that are doing very well. There’s a good chance of rain all day Monday so I won’t make a move to pluck more until Tuesday, giving the breakfast radishes a little more time to mature. They sure tasted great to me!

I’ve been told the leaves are edible so I thoroughly washed the largest leaf of the first batch, salted it and popped it in my mouth. It wasn’t bad but I may choose to let them go in favor of lettuce and spinach. These radishes were small, about the size of a baby Tootsie Roll. They were very crunchy, a tad bit sweet and displayed a slight bit of fire with no overpowering afterburn.

First Breakfast Radishes


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