Making Sawdust

I am a passionate woodworker. I grew up with a father & brother who were in the business of building things. My dad built houses from the ground up, trained in his native Germany until he immigrated to the United States as a teenager. My brother, Ed, grew up as I did helping our father build houses. As an adult he raised a family to his retirement working in construction in one craft or another. His farm house is a testament to his work.

In recent months I’ve returned to my love of working with my hands, to getting dirty. I’ve started my first garden in 12 years since I lived in South Carolina. I’ve begun putting together a pretty substantial set of hand and power tools that allow me a lot of flexibility in my love of woodworking. Most of all I’m having fun!

Not all my projects are successful, especially compared to some of the woodworkers I view on YouTube or PBS. No excuses here, I simply don’t have the space or money to build another shop like the one I once had in my split level home in Ferguson, MO. That basement shop with a drive-in garage had lots of room. I have had some very nice power and hand tools collected over many years, It was more than a hobby and a necessary part of raising my family while customizing my home.

So today, looking back on my 68 years on earth, I have returned to my roots, my love of all things made of wood. I drag out one of my 3 homemade workbenches and make sawdust, lots of sawdust. In some ways I entertain my senior neighbors who shuffle around in their night robes all day low and only get outside to walk their ancient dogs. I’ve still got too much life left in me to become a couch potato and basically just give up. I want to stay active and alive what the rest of my life. God’s in control of all the time I have left.

My life changes constantly so my blog has changed along with it. I’m certainly not apologizing for my new life since relocating to New England I’m just saying I still want to share my life and experiences with those who choose to stay in touch and follow my exploits. For those who choose to check up on me through my blog post I say “Welcome”! For those who wish to move on I certainly understand and wish you well. Change is inevitable. “Resistance, is futile”! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Making Sawdust

  1. Good for you. The more active you are the younger you stay. I plan on moving and keeping busy until they put me in ground. I am anxious to see some of the things you make in your work room. Take pictures. We have also started selling things Gary(hubby loves wood working ) and I make to give us goofing money.

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