Memories Of Seniors Past

At our Senior Center in Uxbridge yesterday a fond memory of a photo I’d taken last year came to me. You see our event director, Gail, decided to start a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle on a corner table back near the computer area. I simple sign challenge anyone to help complete the puzzle. I used to love working on such puzzles so I spent a few minutes getting one edge of the outside frame completed.

Remembering a scene at the Whitinsville Senior Retirement Home I quickly looked up the picture I’d photographed of a resident in deep concentration completing his own puzzle. He had no idea I was capturing the scene that to me, was perfect. The lighting was perfect and the situation was precious. I will always save and treasure this capture that has so much meaning buried in its composition.

I have no idea the man’s name or if he’s still living at that center. I was with the Serve Team of 2016 that had volunteered to make this property more beautiful for its residents. The teenagers from across our country and Canada donated their time and work to give back to our community. I look forward to their return for this year’s Serve 2017 campaign.

The Puzzle Framed


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