I Love The Rain

Have I told you how much I love the rain? I suppose some of my love comes from living in Portland, OR for 10 years. You either learn to love the rain or you move somewhere else. It’s not actually the amount of rain that makes Portland famous but the frequency that they see rain. I can remember stretches of 40+ days of measurable rainfall in a row. It rains in the Winter instead of snowing. There are exceptions to that general rule but I much prefer the warmer Winter temperatures to below freezing precipitation.

Here in New England the residents are happy that we’ve broken out of the drought conditions this area has had during the past few years. It’s a different kind of rain than I remember in the Pacific Northwest. A lot of the storms are overnight with rainfall totals often over 2 inches. The drought is over and the reservoirs and groundwater aquifers are filled. Praise God for that blessing. My little garden got a healthy drink in the last two days of storms. Everything is green and lush this Spring!

I don’t think there’s a more peaceful night to sleep than when it pours down rain all night. If it’s still raining into the morning I like to sit back with my front door wide open and just watch the rain come down.

Before New England and Oregon I lived in South Carolina for 13 years. They get 7 inches of rain more than Portland, OR for their yearly rainfall totals. You might think rain is rain until you’ve experienced a “frog strangler” thunderstorm in South Carolina. It rains so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face if you’re outside. Rain is different everywhere you live. Thunderstorms are rare in the Pacific Northwest where they are frequent and extremely violent in the South.

So bring on the rain! Give me your best shot Mother Nature! I’m a world traveller who’s seen worse, whether it was in Aiken, South Carolina, Ubon, Thailand or Kunsan, South Korea.

Rainy Day Flowers At CSG 1

Rain Covered Roses 1


5 thoughts on “I Love The Rain

      • I live in Mexico, on Lake Chapala, an hour away from Guadalajara. During the rainy season, we pretty much have rain every night and recently in the daytime as well. But it doesn’t stay cloudy. Clears up and the rest of the time is sunny weather.

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