Rocky’s First Portraits of 2017

I sent some time outside today just sitting in my chair photographing things within 20 feet of my front door. There’s always plenty of critters around. There were 3-5 squirrels in range but I missed a shot of a baby chipmunk 5 feet from my chair. He was just too quick! There’s a flower garden with bearded lilies up and soaking up the sunshine as well as my garden with its freshly planted 5 tomato plants. I picked all 5 up for $2.95 at my favorite garden center at Koopmans Lumber & Hardware, just a 1/4 mile down the hill from my home. They had a tremendous variety of tomato plants in stock with more coming every day. It’s tomato planting time and their lovely experts are eager to fill your basket and vehicle. I managed to find a home for all five of my tomato plants. The variety I chose is known as “Fantastic” tomatoes, not to be confused with “Super Fantastic” tomatoes. LOL

My next door neighbors saw this portrait of Rocky taken this morning. They thought it was amazing although they didn’t realize my background as a Nation Geographic animal photographer. All they see are pesky critter eating their birdseed and munching on their plants.


Rocky 01 2017

Rocky 02 2017

“Fantastic” Tomatoes

Fantastic Tomato Species

Fantastic Tomato Plant In Bucket


2 thoughts on “Rocky’s First Portraits of 2017

    • This is a Google image showing a grown tomato of the species I just planted. I don’t know how long the 10″ plants will take to grow ripe tomatoes.

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