Signs Of Summer

Memorial Day weekend is here along with the tradition time to plant your tomatoes. The Spring crops of radishes and lettuce have already been harvested once and replanted for another crop. I can only tell you my breakfast radishes were delicious, my first garden harvest in 12 years.

I planted 5 tomato plants yesterday that were only a total of $2.95 from my local garden center. I bought the “Fantastic” variety that grow to about 3″ diameter, perfect for salads. Since they’re growing as I post this story I’ve included a Google Images photo of that variety to show you what they will look like. 5 plants should more than keep me satisfied so my neighbors are starting to get in line for any excess I might share. LOL Funny how many instant friends you acquire with a garden. 🙂

My backyard critters were all out yesterday as well. The squirrels came running out of the woods next door to my building 2-3 at a time. O also had a baby chipmunk staring at me from 4 feet next to me on the sidewalk. They’re not shy, just fast! LOL

So Summer is upon us here in New England, the last area to warm up. I’m loving this year’s extra rainfall that pulled us out of the drought we’ve suffered from the last few years. Everything is lush and growing rapidly. Praise the Lord!

Breakfast Radishes

First Breakfast Radishes

“Fantastic” Tomatoes

Fantastic Tomato Species

Rocky the squirrel

Rocky 02 2017


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