A Touch Of Beauty

All of my neighbors are senior citizens. Most are women but there are a few married couples living in tiny units just like mine. Some have tiny flower gardens out in front of their units as I do. Some rent a spot in the local town’s community garden plots. All do what they can to personalize their new homes that may be their last residence on this planet. There’s a high turnover rate in our little community.

One of my nextdoor neighbors always puts in a tiny flower garden each year. She cares for her grandkids almost on a daily basis and the little kids love to play outside in the garden area.

Garden Figures

Little Boy Playing 01

Little Boy Playing 02


7 thoughts on “A Touch Of Beauty

      • The exciting thing is all the people who will see your name on your work when they look at the calendar. Get your work out there with your name on it any way you can. That’s my philosophy with my books.

        And, by the way, my short story anthology is being re-vamped and more stories added. When that’s done — about 60 days — it will come out in the new edition for sale on Amazon. But it will still have your giraffe door picture on the cover. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. And the lead story will still be the one that picture inspired. I’ll also be including your name in the promo material that shows on the Amazon book page. I really do appreciate having that cover.

      • More important than seeing my name in print is the collection of my work hanging on people’s wall throughout the world. I was a wedding and family portrait photographer long before National Geographic. I’ve won dozens of photo contests. My highest accomplishment is to teach photography to people who carry on the skills in their own lives.

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