1st Tomato Sighting

Finally, I thought it would take forever! I checked the largest of the 5 tomato plants with the most yellow blossoms and low & behold there be tomatoes where some of those blossoms used to be. The photo below is the biggest of my tiny tomatoes as well as the first captured on camera. Now the watch begins……. The plot thickens! LOL

First Tomato Sighting


More Good News From Uxbridge

I am simply blessed! In a meeting with my local Veteran’s representative yesterday Carl entered me into a Massachusetts program that picks up the copayments for all my prescription drugs. I must simply bring him the receipts showing my out of pocket payments and I will now be reimbursed for every penny.

For the past two years I’d been accustomed to seeing an empty refrigerator as I got close to each of two paydays during the month. My Social Security and pension check only went so far and often left me with an empty refrigerator waiting for my next check. As of tomorrow my new food stamp card will end that dimema forever. Not only do I get $16 worth of help toward food but a secondary program called HIP (Health Incentive Program) will provide $40 a month worth of fresh vegetables and fruits available from a local farmer’s market. Massachusetts has some wonderful programs to help out seniors as well as veterans.

So now I live in subsidized government housing that includes most utilities, I receive a small food stamp allotment and free garden vegetables and in season fresh fruits. In addition i have my medical needs taken care of by VA medical supplemented by the new program that reimburses me for my prescription drug copayments. I get free eyewear, free exams as well as free diabetic walking shoes, socks and pedicures. Again, I am blessed.

I’m not rich but I can now live without worrying about my needs or care. Praise God!

Share Your World – June 26, 2017

Share Your World – June 26, 2017

What goal are you working on now? Your goal can be something fun or extremely serious.  Have fun with this question.

My priority right now is to reapply with the Veteran’s Administration for disability due to exposure to agent orange. I was in the USAF from 1969-1973. Stationed in Southeast Asia I worked on the F4 Phantom jets that dropped the agent orange on foliage in Vietnam. I crawled all over the planes that were covered with residue from those canisters. My primary care physician with the VA claims my Type II diabetes is a direct result of my exposure. Wish me luck in my quest to get this lifelong supplemental income from this claim.

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

Sex! 68 years and twenty drugs later my ED has removed me from the game. LOL

Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

A little bit of both applied with me. When I joined the military in 1969 I took a battery of tests at the recruitment center to see where my strengths lie. Turns out I scored high in every field so my recruiter said to simply pick a field. I chose electronics. I kept that profession for 50 years before retiring in 2010. Now I’m a professional bum, happily working at doing nothing. 🙂

Have you ever gotten lost?

ROFL – That is a funny question! I’ve been lost so many time my motorcycle club elected me their “Road Captain”, the guy that leads large biker rides. I knew every back road, shortcut and wrong turn in a three state area. I would need to reach a destination to my right and then turn left to get there. I’m a bonafide expert at getting lost! Half the fun is getting lost with the second half of any ride being to your destination.

Going For A Swim

I remember when Samudra was born. It was a big deal at the Oregon Zoo because it has been awhile since the Asian elephant herd had increased its numbers. “Sam” was the hit of the zoo for the longest time. After Samudra baby Lily came along and stole the from her older brother.

When elephant Lands was completed the herd had grown sufficiently to make the Zoo’s population of Asian elephants its main attraction. The timing was right as well as Packy, the eldest male in the elephant population, had to be put down after a long bout with Tuberculosis.  Time marches on in an endless cycle of life and death.

Thunderstorm Produces Double Rainbow

Just a few minutes ago a rather intense thunderstorm roared through Uxbridge. Suddenly the sun sent rays of light through the dense cloud cover tipping of an amazing sight, a brilliant double rainbow right of the parking lot where my little SmartCar sat. I ran out in my bath robe and camera in hand and captured the beautiful sighting. Only once before have I ever seen a multiple rainbow so clearly. In fact it was a triple rainbow in Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park. I hope you enjoy the shot posted below.

Double Rainbow 01


What’s Up Bob?

Funny you should ask that question! I spent most of Friday beginning a woodworking project I’ve wanted completed long ago, a Japanese toolbox. You see Japanese traditional woodworkers are into form, proportion and design.  They tend to keep things simple, thus, K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple Stupid! They seldom use metal fasteners such as nails or screws, preferring to use ingenious joinery and pegs to hold things together. That’s what lured me to building the classic Japanese toolbox. The design is stupidly simple yet strong, functional and elegant in appearance. This single box holds a ton of stuff.

There are YouTube videos all over the internet that show you the exact build of one of these useful tools. As is my practice I watched every video I could find before deciding to design my own version that incorporates the best of each. I chose two contrasting woods, Baltic Birch & Red Oak. Once stained and sealed they will complement each other while retaining the simple design of the Japanese techniques.

I’m joining the major parts of the box with 1/4″ birch dowel pegs, glued into pre-drilled holes. Birch is very strong and when hammered into place with a dab of glue included they function quite well thank you! When finished this toolbox would allow me to sit on it or stand on it without a wiggle. As you can probably imagine the box is heavy but held down in its overall weight by using 1/2″ Baltic Birch(Russian) plywood that is built with eight layers of alternating grain wood. There are no gaps or voids and the panels are extremely flat and strong! I will post pictures of this project once completed. I’m using a combination of hand and power tools to build it.

The photo below is a modified example of the design for the box. I did not take the photo but downloaded it from Google images.

Japanese Toolbox 01

Al’s Daylilies 2017

My nextdoor neighbor, Al, has this tiny flower garden that’s very productive. He grows a variety of flowers that include daylilies and gladiolus. This year’s daylilies are particularly gorgeous because of the perfect combination of rain and sunshine. The orange daylilies in particular are about 4 feet high.

Daylilies 2017

Nora Has A Ball

The Oregon Zoo’s new polar bear, Nora, sure knows how to have a good time! She has so much energy in her youth that she’s nonstop motion!

Quality Control

The window washers at the Oregon Zoo are always grateful for the animals that help them do a great job. Here you can see the sea lion watching every stroke of the squeegee to make sure the worker doesn’t miss a spot. What fun!