Shoutout: Woodworking For Vets

I subscribe to a number of woodworking channels on YouTube. One of my favorites features a woodworking educator that teaches hand tool woodworking skills professionally. Rob Cosman is donating his time and talents along with sets of tools for vets thanks to contributing sponsors. He flies them in, provides housing for the duration of the course and sets them up with a good set of tools they can take home with them for free. I think he is doing a commendable job and has hit on a way to help disabled vets to recover and begin a productive hobby that will last a lifetime. Way to go Rob! I’ve included a short video he published speaking of his program.


5 thoughts on “Shoutout: Woodworking For Vets

  1. I am a woodworker and Patriot from Brandon, Mississippi (USA). I served in the Army National Guard and support all vets from famiy to friends to former students. I also enjoy sharing woodworking and talking shop. THank you for sharing. I spend the summer 0f 1996 in the Pacific Northwest throughout Oregon, Idaho, and Washington; beautiful part of the country for sure.

    • Thanks for the comments. I lived near Hillsboro, OR, the home of Intel Corp., for 10 years. Because of their billion dollar new campus there the already high cost of housing skyrocketed, forcing me to relocate to live on my fixed income. I landed 43 miles from Boston, MA in a tiny town called Uxbridge. I can live comfortably here in government housing and still maintain my woodworking & photography hobbies.

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