News Flash – Is America Great Again – Yet?

There might be a few arguments on both sides of that question. The economy is rolling along at a better clip than in decades. We still need to get out of at least one more war and bring our men/women home. It would be great if we can stay out of petty wars for the next 4 years. Drop bombs on the terrorists instead. Reports have refugees ruining Europe as they take over countries because the Muslims don’t believe in blending in but instead want to take over and convert everybody to their lifestyle. Rape & violence is up dramatically because of the radical Muslims.They’re 1,000 years behind Western society so get ready for the horse and buggy to make a comeback. Hope president Trump can keep them out.

My eye exam this week verified that both eyes have a cataract growing. The right one is worse than the left yet with my glasses on I’m still able to read at 20/20. That fact has put a hold on any surgery at this point. I’ll just need to live with blurred vision in my right eye for at least 6 months until I have another eye exam in December. They won’t do cataract surgery on anyone with 20/20 vision. Makes sense, sort of. New glasses/frames are in the mail.

Made it through another heat wave in New England this week. It’s still 71 here at 4:00 a.m.. The high for Wednesday is supposed to come down to 81 with lower temperature in the mid to lower 70s by Friday. Up and down we go, 95-70. Rain is in the forecast for Friday. My tiny garden needs rain after all this excessive sunshine during the heat wave. Last week everyone was complaining about all the rain and temperatures in the 40s at night. What a climate!

More woodworking planned for tomorrow during that cooler weather. I need to slice up a 2″x4″ or two for small projects like miniature picnic tables for the lunch crowd at our Senior Center. They will hold Catsup & Mustard bottle along with salt & pepper shakers on each table. I’m donating 10 tables to the Center.

Mini Picnic Table

That’s all the news worth reporting. I’m staying comfy in my air conditioned apartment when I’m snot snugly covered in my warm microfiber blankie. 🙂


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