Father’s Day Gift Arrives Early

In the midst of a very busy day Thursday I found time to receive my FedEx delivered Father’s Day gift to myself. I took advantage of the holiday sales to get $450 worth of tools for just $199.95. The Porter Cable Compressor kit PCFP12234 comes with a 6 Gallon, 150 PSI “Pancake” oilless compressor with two outlets that can be used simultaneously with any two of the three guns in the kit. There’s a crown molding stapler, an 18 gauge pin nailer and a 16 gauge brad nailer in the kit. Also included is a 25′ hose with connectors attached.

I had previously been doing research on most of these tools individually so when I spotted this great bargain I couldn’t resist. The compressor in the kit is twice the size of the one I had been researching as were the nail/pin guns. The price I paid was less than half what I expected to pay for lesser tools.  Happy Daddy’s Day to me. 🙂

Porter Cable Compressor Kit

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Arrives Early

    • I got a lot done already. Used my table saw to cut up the pieces for my condiment picnic tables. I have a whole box of 3/8″x3/4″x8″ pieces representing 2″x4’s scaled down to miniature size. Next comes the finish work like sanding, staining and cutting to length before nailing & gluing them all together into picnic tables. After assembly I’ll need to drill the holes for Catsup & Mustard bottles as well as salt & pepper shakers.

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