What’s Up Bob?

Funny you should ask that question! I spent most of Friday beginning a woodworking project I’ve wanted completed long ago, a Japanese toolbox. You see Japanese traditional woodworkers are into form, proportion and design.  They tend to keep things simple, thus, K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple Stupid! They seldom use metal fasteners such as nails or screws, preferring to use ingenious joinery and pegs to hold things together. That’s what lured me to building the classic Japanese toolbox. The design is stupidly simple yet strong, functional and elegant in appearance. This single box holds a ton of stuff.

There are YouTube videos all over the internet that show you the exact build of one of these useful tools. As is my practice I watched every video I could find before deciding to design my own version that incorporates the best of each. I chose two contrasting woods, Baltic Birch & Red Oak. Once stained and sealed they will complement each other while retaining the simple design of the Japanese techniques.

I’m joining the major parts of the box with 1/4″ birch dowel pegs, glued into pre-drilled holes. Birch is very strong and when hammered into place with a dab of glue included they function quite well thank you! When finished this toolbox would allow me to sit on it or stand on it without a wiggle. As you can probably imagine the box is heavy but held down in its overall weight by using 1/2″ Baltic Birch(Russian) plywood that is built with eight layers of alternating grain wood. There are no gaps or voids and the panels are extremely flat and strong! I will post pictures of this project once completed. I’m using a combination of hand and power tools to build it.

The photo below is a modified example of the design for the box. I did not take the photo but downloaded it from Google images.

Japanese Toolbox 01


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