Flower Of The Day – Daylily

On one of my YouTube subscriptions a post pointed out a dilemma. The poster was building a house addition by himself because he could no longer afford a helper. He was putting on a roof on a hot Summer’s day and he was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. He had turned his woodworking hobby into his full time profession with the monies YouTube was paying him. The problem with that approach is that the public is a demanding master. They want multiple video posts each week and enough variety to boot. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”! Yet this poster couldn’t possibly hope to finish his house is short order by himself. His ratings were slipping as his income from YouTube declined. He was broke, exhausted and plain old burnt out.

I feel that way with my blog at times. I don’t get paid for this blog nor do I wish to, yet it’s obvious the fickle public expects constant new content. Again, I’m not about ratings or likes or followers. I do this because I love to share my world but there are times that I just want to take some time off, not post for days at a time. Summer is a busy time of the year and puts a lot of demands on your time, resources and energy. I’ve been lazy lately, taking time off from church, my Senior Center and my woodworking. I have just taken a few afternoon naps instead. Life is good and meant to be enjoyed. When fun things become a chore it’s time to back off the throttle a bit to prevent burnout. Thank God my livelihood doesn’t depend on how many posts I put up!

Orange Daylily 09


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