“Ding Dong The Couch Is Dead…”

Finally! Yes, finally the Salvation Army truck arrived today and two nice young guys hauled off my loveseat, never to be seen again. I was grateful for the furniture when it was first delivered 14 months ago but in all honesty I’ve never even sat on it. It took over 7 weeks to give it away. 😦

Now that it’s gone I can sweep up that area and gently push over my new workbench in its place. I’ve so longed for this day! I have a new workbench, indoors, where I can do hand tool woodworking without noise or lots of sawdust covering everything.

Here’s one last look at that old loveseat.

10 Calumet Living Room 02


5 thoughts on ““Ding Dong The Couch Is Dead…”

    • Very nice looking house you’ve got there my friend. You deserve it. After I get a good night’s sleep I’ll awaken refreshed enough to clean my living room now that the couch is gone. I’m be redecorating everything, especially those shelves in the living room. A lot of tools will get moved next to the new workbench. What fun!

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