“It’s In The Mail”!

Each month I’ve been buying one new “toy”. Men need their toys and mine usually involves either camera gear or tools. Since I’m totally happy with my camera gear I’ve been concentrating on my woodworking hobby. That normally means tools.

Today is payday for me. My Social Security check was deposited right on time. That means I need to check off a few items off my “Wish List”, an evil idea by Amazon.com and my Prime account. Up front I’m telling you I don’t shop exclusively at Amazon. The reason is that they always charge Massachusetts sales tax. On larger ticket items that can cost me big money so I shop around the internet for retailers that don’t charge sales tax and include free shipping.

That was the case today as I ordered my Incra 1000SE Miter Gauge from another vendor for $139.95 rather than $164.95 plus tax at Amazon. We’re talking over a $30 savings by NOT shopping at Amazon. Forget trying to ask them to match the lower price retailer. I’ve tried that and got the ‘Take it or leave it”! reply. I no longer ask.

So without further ado here’s my new toy, an accessory for my DeWalt 745 contractor’s table saw. The miter gauges that ship with saws are a joke, inaccurate, poorly made and a waste of time. I did my homework and settled onto this particular model from Incra, a company famous for their high quality, accurate tools. I don’t know when I’ll receive it but the shipping is free. 🙂

Incra 1000SE Miter Gauge


3 thoughts on ““It’s In The Mail”!

    • Every table saw has the protractor style miter gauge. The difference in cheap vs quality gauges is accessories and accuracy. The Incra 1000SE comes with all the bells and whistles. The “SE” stands for “Special Edition”.

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