New Woodworker’s Apron in the Mail

One more item checked off my “Wish List” today is a woodworker’s apron. It was under $12 and should be here by Friday. I’ve been thinking about getting on all my safety gear, including that apron, and taking a selfie of me having fun with tools & wood. I’ll see if I can make that happen.

Let’s see, there’s the safety goggles that fit over my safety glasses, my favorite Tilly hat, my ear plugs, safety gloves and dust protector mask. With my transition lenses turning dark outside in the sun I should look like some sort of alien that landed on earth. 🙂

Woodworker's Apron


3 thoughts on “New Woodworker’s Apron in the Mail

      • we need rain. been dry since I think the beginning of June. Little longer than usual even though it usually rains a little. picked berries yesterday for two batches of jam. Made one today. Getting OLDer.

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