How To Hit A Curveball

In major league baseball every batter gears up for life’s fastballs. But to make it in the big league you have to be ready for the occasional curve ball because if you can’t hit a curveball that’s all you’ll see until you can hit it out of the park.

I watch a YouTube channel at: Cody, known as Wranglerstar, posts videos on his family life in the Pacific Northwest. They are 15 minute snapshots into the daily lives of his homestead, his wife and his son. I’ve come to look forward to each installment of his channel because it’s real life, with all its fastballs and curveballs. Cody and his family are not perfect. They make mistakes as they do their best to live a good Christian life in an unforgiving world. The morals they teach their young son must get him through the curveballs life will certainly throw his way.

No father wants to hear complaints about they way he and his wife have chosen to raise their son. God entrusts us with children and He expects us to treasure that responsibility to raise them properly. That means setting goals and challenges in their life along with clear cut expectations on the proper way to overcome those curveballs and roadblocks we all must overcome. To have to read comments criticising him for being too harsh upsets Cody, and rightfully so. Part of the problem we face in today’s world are parents too ready to look the other way. “Boys will be boys” is not the answer for unacceptable behavior. Our kids need structure, discipline and limits. We are with them as parents for such a short time before they must go out into this harsh world and face the curveballs life hands us. Their life’s experiences and our instruction is all they have to go on.

If you, as parents, are not raising your kids, who is?


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