Notice To Online Vendors

These are MY rules! If you charge for shipping unless you buy XXX dollars worth of stuff you slide down my scale. If you charge sales tax for Massachusetts you slide way down my acceptable scale. If your prices are the same as anywhere and you charge shipping and/or sales tax you’re OFF my scale. If you mess up my order, strike one. You may delay shipping predicted times if: there’s a natural disaster or blizzard.

I do 90% of my shopping online. I live on a fixed income way below the national poverty line so every penny is precious. There are thousands of online vendors. It’s my money so I can be very picky about who I choose for my purchases. Be aware of that and we might be able to do business.

Vendors I do business with on a regular basis.

Rockler Tools

Lie-Nielsen Tools Prime – Beware sales tax & higher prices charged to cover  “free” shipping



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