“Visions of Sugar-plums Danced In Their Heads”

Yup, that’s the words from “Twas the night before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore. It also applies to woodworkers dreaming of their next big acquisition or a fisherman catching the one that got away. Dreams are what keep us going, keeping the old juices flowing.

I’m a sawdust junkie that thinks the sound of a well tuned table saw making a precision cut is a thing of beauty! My relatively new DeWalt 745 contractor’s saw is looking and sounding mighty fine these days, what with the addition of my new precision Incra 1000SE Miter Gauge.

The temperatures are about to return to the 60s for highs in the next few days so if I can dodge the raindrops I’m looking forward to setting up shop and making some sawdust. I have a few picture frames in mind that will greatly benefit from my new toys. I’ve got plenty of wood, glue and pneumatic staples and brads. It’s time to get constructing! LOL

I also want to continue work on my Japanese tool box and those fruit & vegetable crates I have partially constructed. I want to finish at least one project during this coming week. I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor in my tiny garden and those green tomatoes hanging all over the place will be growing and turning red soon. I’m excited!

Picture Frame Plans

Test Strip Lion Frames

Japanese Tool Box

Japanese Toolbox 01

Fruit & Veggie Crates

Veggie Crate


3 thoughts on ““Visions of Sugar-plums Danced In Their Heads”

    • I can’t wait for Winter. I love cold weather. All this humidity and up and down temperatures drives my sinuses nuts. Woke up just now at 3:00 a.m. with my nose running all over me. It’s supposed to rain the next two days.

      • Carol says she is having the same problem in Chicago. Winter will be here, but you cannot grow veggies then. You cannot win.

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