The Guarantee

How do you know you’re getting exactly what you ordered? How do you know that you got a good price? How can you judge the quality of a hand crafted tool? The obvious answer is that you ask for a guarantee.

I was shopping for a good, high quality Japanese hand plane. I wanted something beautiful as well as functional. I wanted adjustability. I was looking for a tool that would give me years worth of reliable service. I wanted a tool I could sharpen and service myself.

When I saw the plane pictured below I wanted to know if it would yield wooden shavings thin enough to justify the price. By American standards $165 is NOT a lot of money for a finishing plane. If you don’t think so shop at Veritas in Canada or Lie-Nielsen in Warren, ME.


The final answer to all my questions about that Japanese smoothing plane was the fact that I was reading the invoice through a shaving made with that plane. Once peeled away I could notice that remarkable demonstration. Sold!

Japanese Plane


3 thoughts on “The Guarantee

    • It’s interesting for sure, worth the risk for the money they ask for it. I don’t mind sharpening my own blades. In case you’re not aware of how these planes work the Japanese planes are pulled while the Western planes are pushed. The same applies to saws.

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