After an all day project just completed I’m again reminded why I love woodworking. I’m what is known as a hybrid woodworker. I feel comfortable using either power tools or hand tools to accomplish most tasks. For me the idea of getting outside and getting your hand dirty is part of the fun of the hobby. It’s a bonus to wind up with a project you made yourself.

When I completed my vegetable/fruit crate yesterday I carried it down the sidewalk to show my neighbors the finished project. I have worked about 6-7 hours making it, half with hand tools and the other half with power tools. You see I live in a seniors only government housing community. Management frowns on power tools being used too early in the morning. It was 9:30 a.m. before I threw the first switch on my jigsaw or table saw.

When it was time to do repetitive work cutting the side slats for the crate I switched to my table saw. It took me about 30 seconds to make 6 slats that were exactly the same and fit perfectly. The time consuming part came in pre drilling and  countersinking all the screw holes. I used Kreg pocket hole screws and glue to build an incredibly strong box.

I’m paying the price for being on my feet in the hot sun all day. I have one shade darker tan for one thing. The other is dealing with my big toe cramping from all that standing I had to endure. It’s impossible to do good carpentry sitting down. LOL

So now it’s onward to other projects and more fun. I really don’t care what my neighbors think about my hobby. I must have looked quite a sight covered with sawdust yesterday. I’m sure they also noticed the smile on my face. You see, “I’m not quite dead yet”!


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