A Proper Raffle Prize

I’ve been working with a charitable foundation to donate a nice piece of my work as the grand prize for a raffle. The photo below would be custom made into a solid wooden puzzle made up of 1,000 pieces. It would be housed in it’s own wooden puzzle box with the photograph on the lid. Surely this would make a fine prize, autographed by me. Now all I need is the $150 cost of getting it made. 🙂

Zawadi Puzzle

Share Your World – August 28, 2017

Share Your World – August 28, 2017

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

A good night’s sleep, a good breakfast and time spent with friends and relatives.

Complete this sentence: My favorite place in the whole world…..

..is downtown Portland, OR. There’s so much to see and do there what with the parks, food carts and mom & pop little specialty stores like the tea shops, french bakery and Otto’s Deli. Mass transit makes it all possible for $1.

Who was your best friend in elementary school (prior to age 12)?

That would have to be Rich Mehochko and his younger brother, Bradley. They lived across the street in our rural neighborhood. We played together constantly.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

That would be the people of Texas during hurricane Harvey. Their willingness to help their neighbors was heartwarming. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bob In Retirement

It’s been a relaxing day here in the Bob retirement home. I’ve been put out to pasture and I’m loving every minute of it. It was August 01, 2010 that I hung it up and did everything I could to disappear from the grid. I must say in open honesty that I’ve never regretting retiring. Removing all the stress from my life makes me wish I’d retired ten years earlier. God’s plan is always best.

Here I sit, my small tool collection hanging in the background, just reflecting on my present condition. I’m doing quite well, thank you and look forward to many more years of the same. 🙂

Bob Enjoying Retirement 01

Sea Otters Are Fun To Watch

I love it when an Oregon Zoo video shows up in my mailbox! Not only do I get to watch the fun but then share it with all of you. It’s a reminder of my home in Oregon. After 10 years and hundreds of zoo visits I considered the animals there my extended family.

The Passing Of Koco

I live in a senior government housing community in Uxbridge, MA. My neighbors are mostly older ladies living alone like me in their one room units. Some have pets, mostly dogs, that have been they companions for many years. I see them all out walking their pets each and every day. Our postal mail carrier packs her pockets with doggie treats to give to her four-legged friends who eagerly await her arrival each day.

We had a passing of one of these small dogs last week, Koco. I met Koco when his owner, Karen, first moved into her unit over a year ago. I built Karen a step stool for Koco so he could climb up to the window and look outside. He was a very elderly canine and his owner was recovering from surgery so she could no longer lift Koco up to the window.

Koco suffered from cancer over the past year. Karen had to make a difficult decision to put Koco down rather that allow him to continue to suffer. Karen talked to me about it the day she brought Koco in for his last vet visit. When Koco passed away in her arms she had his body cremated and brought his ashes home to place outside in her tiny flower garden. She asked me to photograph Koco’s little shrine.

Cocoa 01

Koko 01

Karen Sunflower

Update on Seabrook, Tx

My brother-in-law, Steve Valentine, is safely back in his apartment in Seabrook, TX. So far the surrounding trees have not come crashing down, destroying his home. Steve is in recovery from kidney surgery and was due to return today for further surgery. The problem is hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, continues to drop ridiculous amounts of rain on his area that is located right on the gulf shoreline. Each day this week the weather forecast continues to call for rain totals over 8 inches per day. For now that won’t let up until possibly Thursday. Medical workers at hospitals are affected by storm conditions that prevent them from going to work. Roads continue to look more like lakes and are mostly impassable. Steve needs to call his doctor for instructions on what to do.

In the meantime Steve, still in recovery, continues to use his truck to rescue friends stranded on highways covered by deep water. Everyone is doing what they can to save lives even if they themselves could use a bit of saving. My sister is keeping me informed on the situation in Seabrook. We covet your prayers not only for Steve but for the whole Texas area.


Ghost In The Shell – Review



When I was in college I took a writing course required to get my English credits toward a degree. The assignment was simple, spend an entire semester writing a book review on the topic of our choice. My final paper was entitled, “Frankenstein, A Love Story”. Little did I realize that nearly 50 years later I’d be writing a review of a movie that could support the same title.

Ghost In The Shell is another tragic story of mankind attempting to build a better mousetrap, the perfect human being. The subject in this movie, like in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, had little choice in her fate. She was created against her will into a walking , talking, killing machine of an android complete with a conveniently programmed past. She was told she was unique, one of a kind, an improvement on the human race. She discovered through a pervious version of herself that none of that was true. Her brain and soul were forcibly transferred to a synthetic body, memories erased  and programmed to kill.

Just as in the Frankenstein plot the monster returns to seek revenge, killing her evil creator. This Hollywood plot has been repeated way too many times. After doing in the villain she joins her predecessor in a neural Eden network made up of human beings, virtually secure, to live eternally ever after, or until a sequel makes it to the box office.

At best I give this movie three stars out of five. Everything was boringly predictable with lousy acting and contrived action scenes. I would recommend you skip this movie if you haven’t already seen it.

Prayers For Steve

I’m asking for prayers for my brother-in-law Steve Valentine. He lives near Galveston, TX and is recovering from kidney surgery. For the time being he decided to accept a friend’s offer to stay with him as steve’s home had two huge trees overhanging his 2nd floor home. One has already fallen, damaging his truck and the 2nd huge tree is dangerously overhanging Steve’s balcony. Even though Steve asked the owner of the tree to cut the dangerous limbs they refused since they are hoping the hurricane brings them down so they can collect the insurance money. That sure doesn’t help Steve much now does it. Greed makes people really stupid.

On Becoming A Dinosaur



Have you ever felt that you’re slowly losing touch with society? Has it dawned on you yet that our grandchildren know more about technology than you do? You might be getting old when that realization hits you!

I retired in 2010 from a 45 year career in electronics. I was working for Intel Corp. in a clean room facility making state of the art microprocessors. I learned my skills while in the USAF during a 44 week electronics school in Biloxi, Mississippi. The year was 1969. Back then they started you out learning vacuum tube theory. I was still taking vacuum tubes out of my old TV to Radio Shack to check them out on their free tester. Are you starting to feel old yet? 🙂

I was always on the leading edge of technology. I found myself on the initial task team put together at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft in St. Louis, MO. You see they wanted to computerize their business and needed to teach the 45,000 employees in their St. Louis facilities how to use an IBM PC. That was one giant leap for mankind coming from punch cards and Rolodex 3×5 card files. We actually were using paper spreadsheets back then that were a foot thick. Feeling older yet!

Flash forward to 2017. Radio Shack no longer exists. Neither does McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. IBM doesn’t make home computers anymore either. Kodak is gone! These giants of industry have become dinosaurs and passed into history. No more rotary phones sit on desks or hang on your kitchen walls. I talk to my computer now before I even get out of bed in the morning. “Alexa, what time is it? What’s the weather for today” “Give me a news briefing and who won the Superbowl last year”? Sorry for all you New England Patriot haters out there. I now order stuff by voice from Amazon.com, listen to any song by any artist ever written & recorded by just asking Alexa for it. It will read any chapter or verse of the bible for me as I start my day. Times have changed my friends, indeed they have.

I’ve been retired now for 7 years. Time has left me behind. I’m typing this post on a computer built before 2010. I have to actually type the text on a keyboard. How primitive! Remember Scottie on one of the original Star Trek movies? The crew had gone back in time to save the whales. He too was forced to actually use a keyboard after his attempt to simply talk to it. It was a funny scene at the time but that movie itself was released in 1986, 33 years ago. Hard to believe how far we’ve come since then.

Time marches on. I use a induction rangetop that uses magnetic waves to cook anything. I own and use a convection oven that will make you a perfect pizza in 10 minutes with the touch of one button. I talk to my lights, turning them on & off or dimming them at will. I have a library of 250,000 songs to play in the background as I prepare meals, interrupted only by my need to verbally put kitchen supplies on order. Technology can be a wonderful thing if you know how to use it. There are plenty of seniors in my senior government housing community that don’t know how to use their digital cameras much less a modern smartphone. “If you snooze, you lose”!

Being retired now for 7-8 years I find myself slowly falling into obscurity, becoming a dinosaur like everyone else over 50, or was it 20? LOL Hang in there folks! It will only get worse! 🙂