Fans Vs. Celebrities

In the news recently I was reminded of the differences between fans and celebrities. A fan in the bleachers at Wrigley Field in Chicago received death threats for years because he was blamed for losing the world series for the Cubs over a decade ago. Remember, the word fan is derived from the larger word fanatic. Every fan sits in the bleachers with the hope of catching a fly ball during a game. I could never fault the fan for trying to catch one coming within reach.

Then there are celebrities, famous people under the public’s eye for a number of reasons. Royalty must learn to deal with their fame as a blessing or a curse depending on the situation. I, for one, would never deliberately seek to be a celebrity. Should I win the lottery, for example, I would never wish for my identity to be revealed. Living in anonymity comes with the territory  of sudden wealth and fame.

So recently someone who had recorded private moments of the life of Princess Diana decided to make himself wealthy and infamous by releasing these tapes to be aired to the British public. Greed will cause folks to break down all moral, ethical barriers in an attempt for money and their 15 minutes in the spotlight. I feel that person should be jailed for crimes against the royal family members surely to be negatively affected by a public showing of their beloved’s private thoughts and comments. Fame can do great harm!

My hope is that I never achieve any degree of fame or celebrity. I don’t wish for my name or likeness to ever make it in the history books, tabloids or internet stories on YouTube.  I’m not about money, wealth or power. I’m just plain ol’ Bob. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fans Vs. Celebrities

  1. I quite agree with you Bob, both about preferring to remain anonymous in life and that it is appalling that someone would drag Princess Diana’s life into the spotlight again after so long. So hurtful to her sons especially. Why can’t they let her rest in peace?

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