New Puzzles For The Senior Center

We’ve had a lot of fun recently at our Senior Center. The activity worker has covered a table with a green felt cloth and put out jigsaw puzzles for anyone walking by to enjoy. It’s a communal effort as few have time to complete a 550 piece puzzle. In the past few months we’ve worked every puzzle in the Center’s library. I believe we’re on the last one now. I’m sure by the time I return Monday that too will be finished.

I’d love to convert some of my photographs to puzzles but that can get costly as quality puzzles in the 500-600 piece price range can cost $30-$50. I’ll keep shopping online for better prices.

Imagine how difficult the scenic below would be as a jigsaw puzzle! I have hundreds of landscape and scenic places in my photo library. You can even get puzzles in a tin with the finished photo printed on top. They’re available through Walgreens. I had one done as a great Christmas present.

Uxbridge RR Trestle Over Mumford Puzzle 2




5 thoughts on “New Puzzles For The Senior Center

  1. You could keep the Senior Centre supplied with jigsaw puzzles for a while if you can find a cost effective way to do it. Maybe some of your wonderful animal photos would make good puzzles too.

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