Waiting For My New Eyes

I’m not a very patient person when it comes to waiting on others to act. My primary care physician needs to ok my pre op EKG so I can schedule my cataract surgery. Everyone is waiting for her to do her job, especially me. I’m reminded on a daily basis that my eyesight is rapidly worsening. My right eye is all but useless as the cataract on that eye is thick, clouding my acuity as if someone smeared Vaseline over the lens of my eye. I’m primarily a right eye photographer. My left eye is in the process of deteriorating to a point where it’s becoming dangerous to drive, especially at night. Headlights from oncoming cars really make it difficult to see the road now.

I was looking through some of my most recent animal portraits, those shots where I still could sharply focus with my right eye. Understand that my Fuji X-E1 cameras use autofocus but it’s still up to me where the sensor should focus. They are known as focal points. My shots of critters at my local Southwick Zoo are tack sharp, allowing the viewer to count the hairs on their faces. I love my critter photos as much as the bigger, more popular large animals like tigers, lions and rhinos. The two shots I chose for this post are a drop in the ocean as I have hundreds of critter pictures in my collection. Understand that I have squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and birds 5 feet from my front door. I hope you enjoy revisiting a few of my closest friends. 🙂

Chipmunk 05

Prairiedog 03


Internet/Phone Goes Up 28%

That’s it! I’m sick of Charter Cable ripping me off. They just notified me of a $20 a month increase in my monthly bill for internet/phone. My COLA associated with my Social Security income increased 2% this year. What’s wrong with this picture? I called Charter Cable and cancelled the phone service to get my bill down to what I’ve been paying. The gal in customer service suggested I hang on another week to take advantage of new promotional deals at the end of my contract in one week. That’s ridiculous I told her. I insisted on cancelling my phone service. Damn crooks!

Jack & Reeta – Rescued

Jack & Reeta are two of the bald eagles with a home at the Oregon Zoo. It was good to see them again in a recent video posted on YouTube that gave insight on how they happen to live there. Both were rescued by strangers who saw them in distress in the wild. An endangered species, it’s against the law to kill or own these precious birds. Both are missing one eye, each on the other side of their head.

I used to love to be the first visitor in the zoo so I could head straight for their outdoor habitat and get some special photographs of them. They came to know me through the years and allowed me to get closer than most patrons.

The Oregon Zoo has a large collection of rescued birds who could not survive due to injuries sustained during their lifetime. They have a home at the zoo and are well cared for by vets and handlers that work and volunteer at the zoo. They do a wonderful job caring for the birds every need.

Shows are put on outdoors for the visitors that let us all see the birds in flight. I think the most amazing birds to watch during these shows are the giant owls that live in Oregon forests. Their wingspans can rival that of bald eagles.

Jack & Reeta

Share Your World – February 26, 2018

Share Your World – February 26, 2018

What are you reading right now?

Not much. My cataracts are so bad I can barely continue using my computer devices. I must enlarge all print, close my right eye and hope my left eye can still focus well enough to read the text on the screen. I’m working on getting my cataract surgery scheduled.

What was your first adult job?

I would have to say it was cutting grass for Scott Air Force Base as a young adult. I worked at it 40 hours a week. When I entered college I worked at a Kroger grocery store as a stock boy and at my university on a janitorial floor crew, stripping and waxing the university’s buildings.

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

I like old fashioned shredded wheat in the full size biscuits.  For hot cereal I enjoy old fashioned  Quaker rolled oats, the 5 minutes long cooking variety.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

I can’t think of any specific thing that made an impression on me. It’s good to be past the holidays and into my regular routine. I have been impressed at what the teens from the high school that was terrorized and their efforts to stop the sale of assault weapons. I am 100% in agreement with them. Vote out any politician who refuses to ban weapons of war for casual ownership.

The Debate Continues

I am thrilled that the last tragic taking of innocent lives in schools has resulted in a public outcry for real change, the banning of assault rifle sales. How many lives will it take before the public, not politicians, have seen enough? “We the people” can demand laws to protect our children a well as ourselves. Only military and law enforcement personnel should be permitted to use military weapons.

It’s stupid to suggest that teachers should arm themselves. What’s next, arming movie theater workers, concert ticket takers? Remove the guns and you lessen rhe threat, period! Arming everyobe does NOT decrease the possibility of danger.

We elect lawmakers. We pay public officials to protect us so we don’t need to arm ourselves. Hekl, the armed guards, police and FBI stayed outside the school hiding in the bushes with their guns. Not funny!!!!

Support your local protesters and write your political representatives demanding change. The hell with the notion that Republicans are for the NRA and the Democrats are not. Not one more life needs to be lost.

Share Your World – February 19, 2018

Share Your World – February 19, 2018

How do you like your eggs?

In my opinion you can do no wrong with eggs. I love them fried, over easy, scrambled without stirring them in the pan, soft boiled 4 minutes in boiling water and hard boiled in a salad or in egg salad. I eat two over easy with bacon and a toasted english muffin every morning at Jube’s Family Restaurant in Whitinsville, MA.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I’ve known a number of famous people in my life. If you live in any place long enough there are always locally there are always celebrities who are from there or visiting there. I met Matt Roloff on his farm near Hillsboro, OR where he and his family lived.


What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

If by your own money you mean money that your were paid for at a job that would have to be my first car, a 1955 Buick Special. Quickly after that was car insurance, etc.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? 

That would have to be New England Weather. Last Sunday morning we were blessed with 6″ inches of fresh snow in 20 degree temperatures. Tomorrow we will set a record high of 72 in bright sunshine. We’re in February in New England. Believe it or not our weather did exactly the same thing in February last year. A blizzard was followed by record high temps melting it all. 🙂



When You Live In New England…

When you live in New England 6″ of snow overnight is nothing. By the time the sun rises an army of trucks with plows has cleared every road in every direction. Back roads are cleared as well as the main arteries. I know because before sunrise I was out clearing off my SmartCar. I could see exactly how much snow we got, around 6″, because that’s what I had to sweep off my roof, first. It’s the law here to clean your roof. Still, some idiots make excuses when they haven’t done their duty. I hope they get big fat tickets to pay for their laziness.

I intended to head for dunkin donuts this morning not for their donuts but for their 2 for $5 bacon, egg and cheese croissants. Unfortunately I was faced with a police cruiser blockade in the direction I needed to travel so I detoured off to a side street where I promptly got lost. Fortunately I found myself behind one of those snow plows so the road in front of me was cleared. I finally fired up my Tom Tom GPS and hit the “Home” button. It led me in a big loop right back to where I started. I kept going, this time stopping at a Jumbo Donut shop close to my neighborhood. There I bought two bacon & egg bagels. It wasn’t as cheap as Dunkin Donuts and the sandwiches weren’t as good but they would do the job to get me fed.

Now, safely back in my apartment, the sun has risen and the maintenance staff at Calumet Court is busy clearing the parking lot and shoveling the sidewalks. My tracks were still quite easy to see as I had broken virgin snow on the way out. After hanging up all my Winter clothing I settle down in my “man” chair to digest my breakfast and watch the news and weather report. I’m feeling like a nap may be forthcoming! 🙂

My Days Off

By now my followers know that I’ve been retired since 2010. So how is it I declared to have two days off this week? You see I have a regular set of activities that include lunch at my Senior Center, church on sunday and breakfast 6 days a week at Jube’s restaurant at precisely 6:00 a.m.. I never need to order because the chef, Dave, knows what I want and starts cooking my breakfast before the door opens at 6 a.m. sharp. The same goes for Ed & Terry, the other two guys waiting for the doors to open. We’re what are known as regulars. We sit in the same booths, order the same things off the menu and make fun of ourselves and the cook, Dave. It’s an enjoyable way to start your day.

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off. Monday I’m taking the day off. You see tonight there’s a snowstorm heading our way that promises to dump 6″-8″ of snow overnight. I have no intention in getting out in that kind of snow and driving anywhere, especially on a sleepy Sunday morning. I’ll be making my own breakfast and sleeping in. Monday is my 2nd day off in a row. The reason for that is the fact that Jube’s Restaurant is always closed on Mondays. Also my Senior Center will be closed for lunch because it’s a holiday, Presidents Day. So there you have it, two days off for a man that has every minute of every day off.