That’s it! I’ve had enough of young PUNKS who are loners, sick in the head and taking it out on children with mass shootings. I have a solution to post to my readers that will solve the problem.

I want the government to list the politicians who oppose gun legislation that would take semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of civilians. The weapons being used in mass murders are intended for military and law enforcements, not hunters or target shooters. Remove them from gun dealers, gun shows and the open market. If a politician opposes these withdrawals list them on media so we can vote them out of office and replace them with sensible representatives who can’t be bought by the gun lobbies and NRA.

Not one more life should be lost to crazy fools arming themselves, publicly announcing their intention to kill others and then carrying out their sick plans. If their numbers are too great to deal with by law enforcement agencies physically blind them and set them free with no rights to bear arms.


2 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. Quite agree with you Bob, there is no reason wny any private citizen needs to own a machine gun. Sadly I think that the kind of person who carries out these acts would not care whether they had the right to bear arms or not. They would do it anyway. Good luck finding politicians who can’t be bought by the gun lobby and can still rise to high office.

    • As my man says it’s time to clean out the swamp. Unfortunately Trump is a big gun advocate. The gun lobby greased his pockets heavily to get him elected. American citizen have to rise up and put an end to senseless killings as it is only getting worse as the body count rises.

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