Doing The Math

If 40 pieces of gum cost you $4 and 100 pieces of the same gum costs you $4.29 in a bag what, if any, is the savings? Buy two bags at 100 pieces each and you’ve spent $8.58 and wind up with 200 pieces of gum. That same 200 pieces, if bought in a plastic box/container would be 5(40) piece boxes at $4 each or  200 pieces for $20. You therefore get the gum at less than 1/2 price buying it by the bag. Ta Da! Modern math strikes again!

I have saved at least 24 of those empty boxes for nails, screws, drill bits or small items I use around the house. I simply fill a few with the bagged gum for half the price and I’m good to go. I had to explain all this twice to the store clerk who sold me the bagged gum. It’s exactly the same brand gum by the way, just less than 1/2 the cost of those flip open plastic dispenser boxes.

Ice Cube Gum

Ice Cube Gum Bag



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