Hand Tool Gem

I love woodworking! I’ve been involved with wood my entire life. My dad built houses from the ground up with his own two hands. When I was old enough to pick up a hammer I first had to discover the difference between being right hand or left handed. I had my first tool belt when I was three.

As a result of this close connection to all things wood I have sawdust in my veins. I love tools of any kind but shy from all thing mechanical and lean toward the woodworking hand tools. I’ve been building my collection carefully for years.

Since moving to New England three years ago October 03 I have built a nice collection of premium hand tools that includes saws, chisels and bench planes. Without a steady job I must save for each precious purchase. Gone are the days at Intel Corporation with my $1500 paychecks that allowed me an instant indulgence every few weeks. Now it takes months of saving for nice tools.

I do plenty of research before each purchase. There are some premium tool makers located very close to me here in New England. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is in Warren, ME and Veritas is right across the border in Canada. Both make top notch hand tools. After checking with Lie-Nielsen about plow planes I was forced to switch allegiance to Veritas who is the only maker of a premium small plow plane.

A plow plane basically cuts grooves along the grain of a board. Grooves are used everywhere in woodworking. From picture frames to drawer bottoms the need for grooves is critical. A plow plane cuts these in a few minutes without sawdust or any noise. You provide the power. A skate or fence allows an edge guide for the correct placement of the groove with an adjustable depth limited that stops the cutting action when reached. An assortment of replaceable blades of various widths is available. I look forward to this purchase less than two days from now.

Veritas Small Plow Plane


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