Happy Halloween Everybody

The United States celebrates some of the strangest holidays. Depending on where you live Halloween is taken very seriously. In the south, for example, houses are decorated to the level you see at Christmas. It was fun driving around seeing whole neighborhoods pick an annual theme and go “whole hog” preparing for it.

Here in New England we’re much more subdued with our Halloween traditions. In fact I haven’t seen a single trick or treater in the 3 years since moving here. There are private little parties going on behind closed doors but most of the attendees are adults, senior adults. Such is the case this year at our Senior Center in Uxbridge, MA.

I’ve attended these events that bring out politicians, volunteers and the maximum permitted party crowd. We pack in over 50 party animals in full costume eager to get their “goodies”, play games and win prizes. During the special lunch senators, police chiefs and local dignitaries donate their time by serving the seniors in attendance. There’s a best costume award that always turns out to be unique and fantastic.

So today is that magic day. I’m putting together my own little costume of the John Wayne character in the famous “True Grit” movie, Rooster Cogburn. Since firearms are strictly forbidden at the center I’m substituting a cordless electric drill in a holster. I’ve grown a full beard for the season and this event. At almost 70 it comes out looking like the one Gabby Hayes used to have. It’s always white as well. Talk of me being Santa Claus this Christmas is rampant. What fun!

Bob 04

Comfortable Socks

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make all the different. I have been given great medical care from the three VA Podiatrist that have taken care of me in the past three years. My present doctor is hoping to cure me of a growth that I’ve had for the past 10 years. She has already made great strides by her gentle physical efforts as well as supplying me with custom shoes, orthotics and medical sandals. I’ve also received a steady supply of diabetic socks and compression socks.

I just received a package from the VA that provided me with 6 pairs of very comfortable diabetic stretch crew socks. These socks, added to the dozen other pairs I’ve been given over the past 3 years, will allow me to walk without pain as well as provide good circulation with my type 2 diabetes.

I recently had my first eye exam since healing after double cataract surgery. My new VA optometrist is sending me two pair of specialty glasses to help with my overall eyesight. I greatly appreciate the service that I’m receiving from my VA medical staff.

Sensifoot Crew Socks


The Boston Red Sox proved to be one of the most dominant baseball teams to ever win the World Series. They beat up the mighty Yankees, World Series champion Houston Astros and finally the LA Dodgers to take home the crown. They finished off all three teams in their home stadiums, right in front of their home fans. No need to take advantage of our right to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs and world series itself. The Sox took care of business on the road, facing the opposition’s best starting pitchers and touted bullpens. The sports press were sure the teams we beat were superior to the Red Sox. They claimed our bullpen wasn’t good enough.

We were good enough to send them all home without coming close to beating the greatest team of 2018. Our coach deserves the manager of the year. Our players fought as a true team and gave everything they had. They were hard to strike out and determined to score with two outs or two strikes. It was a remarkable performance. I’m proud to be a Boston Red Sox fan.


I received an email this morning from a Wally Rutledge threatening to expose my use of porn sites. He printed out my password and said he had connected to my computer’s video camera to record my lude acts which he saved. He then demanded that I send him $1000 in bitcoin or he would send my lude videos to all my facebook and social media contacts.

I know it’s a scam because I am not on any social media sites and my password has been changed many times since I used the one he posted. I have not used my computer’s camera to record myself doing anything. I laugh at the thought of doing so. It’s not my cup of tea.

Beware that there are scumbags out there that attempt to pressure you into sending them money and threaten to smear your good reputation with false evidence. This guy made so many mistakes that I had to laugh. Beware of con men.

The Quest

The Boston Red Sox are on a quest. After winning 108 games during the regular season, a franchise record, they headed into the American league playoffs. Their first opponents were their fierce rival, the New York Yankees, who had also won over 100 games this year. They defeated the Yankees in Yankee stadium in front of their home crowd. It was a thorough stomping on the once great Bronx Bomber as the Red Sox won 16 to 1.

Next the Boston team took on the Houston Astros, world champions of 2017. They too won over 100 games and touted one of the best pitching groups in baseball. They too fell in just 5 games to the Boston Red Sox. They too fell at home, having been swept by the Boston Red Sox.

We now await the outcome of the National League winner, either the LA Dodgers or Milwaukee Brewers. Having won the most games this year all playoffs start at Fenway Field in Boston. That doesn’t mean you’re safe at home, just ask the Yankees and Astros! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tool Collector or Woodworker?

I sometime need to stop and ask myself if I am a tool collector or a fledgling woodworker. I’ve managed to duplicate the power tools I own with the hand tools necessary to do work the classic way. There are advantages and disadvantages to both skill sets.

I love working with my hands! Using hand tools is quiet, nearly dust free and very precise. The warm fuzzy feeling I get from making projects with just hand tools is very rewarding all in itself. I built my mobile workbench using just a Japanese backsaw and a screwdriver in just one day.

I grew up learning how to make furniture and crafts with stationary power tools. My shop in Ferguson, MO had a table saw, radial arm saw, floor stand drill press and hand built router table. I built heirloom quality baby furniture as gifts to nieces when they had their children. These solid oak pieces are still in use after 25 years and many babies later.

Now in retirement I’ve rebuilt my tool collection to include both power tools and high quality hand tools. I’m new to the use of bench planes, chisels and precision hand saws. I’ve converted my marking tools from pencils to precision marking knives & gauges. I now use high quality combination squares and straight edges. At this point I have it all.

Now I just need to find the thrill and enthusiasm to use all this on future projects, not for others, but for me. I spent my whole life building stuff for others so now I’m being selfish and concentrating on myself. The list of people who want something built is endless. When you ask them to join in the project by lending a helpful hand the list suddenly disappears. ๐Ÿ™‚

We I die someone is going to get a really nice collection of tools from my estate. I wish there was a beginner woodworker who could benefit from my tools when I’m gone. Playing it forward to the next generation is my idea of life as it should be lived. Maybe I could contact some of my favorite online woodworking schools and will them everything. ๐Ÿ™‚



Being Crazy Is Driving Me Crazy

Never a dull moment in my life! Since being committed to the mental ward of a local hospital my activity level has quadrupled. I Have VA medical appointments at least once a week with psychiatrists, mental health pharmacists, dermatologists, podiatrists and optometry specialists. I’ve been poked, prodded, cut on to remove a growth on my foot and drugged with antidepressants. Who has time to be crazy? LOL All these appointments are my list just in the month of October. Thank goodness for the VA’s online website that has an appointment calendar, a prescription drug list that allows me to order refills and a personal message selection that allows me to communicate with all the medical professionals caring for me right now.

I’m on a first name basis with my medical driver, Sally, who takes me to a some of my appointments in three separate VA clinics in Worcester, MA. She also took me to my cataract surgery appointments in Providence VA Eye clinic and hospital in Rhode Island. There were three follow up exams for each eye. For each eye exam they dilated my eyes which is why I needed transportation. Thank goodness my Senior Center in Uxbridge provides this service!

So my friends all over the country have noticed that I’ve stopped posting on my blog site. I wonder when all these medical appointments will slow down so I can get my regular life back? VA medical has performed miracles in the past 6 months so I’m not really complaining but simply explaining why I’ve been negligent in posting on a regular basis. Did I mention that I’ve also switched churches in the past 2-3 months? I love my new Vineyard denomination church in Hopkinton, MA. It’s a half hour drive from home. I’m trying to become more active there so that’s more time adding activities to my To Do List. Never a dull moment!

Anyway I wanted to let you know I’m doing fine. My vision after cataract surgery is better than at any point in my life. My ten year growth is drastically shrinkingย  thanks to my 3rd VA podiatrist, Dr. Lee. I’m getting help with my depression with two doctors that psychoanalyze and medicate me. All is well! ๐Ÿ™‚