The Christmas Stretch

Amen! We’re down to less than a week before the world’s biggest birthday party begins. Christmas is upon us one more year! Who would have thunk we’d make it this far? I remember the countdown to 2000 when rumors of the world coming to and end at midnight were rampant. People crazily stockpiled food in their custom bomb shelter and had gold coins replace their paper money for the upcoming apocalypse. What a crazy time that was!

It’s a different world today, 19 years after the world ended. LOL Now Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple own and control our lives. We have freshly prepared meals delivered to our doors along with groceries and anything else we want. We just speak it into existence with our Alexa, Echo Dot or Google Home servants. Gyrocopters will deliver it all to our front door. No need for stores anymore either. Our autonomous vehicles will drive us to a location where they will be carefully loaded into our SUV. Cars will be obsolete soon as Ford and GM have told us they won’t be making them anymore.

Santa must now go through sexual harassment sensitivity training before he’ll be allowed in our homes. No more patting those cute little elves on the butt. LOL Yup, it’s a whole new world! 🙂


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