The Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party at our Senior Center was a rousing success. There was a long waiting list for those who wished to attend. The 54 person limit dictated by the fire department was quickly reached.

There are those in Uxbridge that are regular lunch goers and then there are the party goers. We always have local politicians in attendance who help serve those in attendance. It works out better that way because of the crowd. Imagine 54 seniors, mostly women, standing in a buffet line. They would trample each other for sure!

Door prizes were handed out to all who were able to attend. Nobody went home empty handed. I sat at a table with 4 men and watched as one of them, John, won a huge stuffed animal. He was grinning from ear to ear.

I grew my annual Santa beard this year and was pleased with how it turned out. Now with Christmas just a few days away I look forward to shaving it off and getting a nice haircut for the new year.


Close up

Bob 1A


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