Getting Old?

I just finished a chore I’ve been putting off for almost two weeks, taking out the trash. Understand that I live in a senior government subsidized housing project in Uxbridge, MA known as Calumet Court. Most of the residents are women because they spent a lifetime torturing their husbands, outliving them in most cases.

Tuesday afternoon the trash pickup happens in Calumet Court, with the one and only dumpster being hauled off to Trash Land, wherever that is. As soon as the garbage truck leaves a virtual alarm goes off notifying all the residents that there’s an empty dumpster for them to fill. Within two days that empty dumpster is again overflowing. That means you’ve only got two days to get all your accumulated week’s trash into a clean dumpster. By now residents have accumulated more than enough trash to instantly fill a dumpster. Then, the game begins anew, saving your refuse for the next clean dumpster.

I’m entering into what will be 70th year on this earth. I’ll turn 70 May 10, 2019. I have my physical issues as do most seniors and consider myself blessed to be mobile and in reasonable health. Taking my 4 bags of trash out this morning made me feel like I am much older. By the 4th trip across my parking lot my knees were running out of strength to the point where I wondered if I’d make it back to my unit. My, how time changes us! Will I need a walker or cane in the near future? Only time will tell.

Having emptied my 10’x20′ apartment of trash I was thinking of doing some fun woodworking projects with my new Christmas gifts, thanks to my friend’s generous $150 Amazon gift card. I maintain a “Wish List” with Amazon where items I’ve already priced and desire await the necessary cash to buy them. That means my wish list is now empty as is that gift card. It all took about 20 seconds. With my Amazon Prime account everything arrived in two days, free of shipping charges. It was like Christmas all over again. One replaces an end vice and the larger assembly is a surface vice for my workbench.

Kreg Bench Vices


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