New Year’s = A Non-Day

I define a Non-Day as one where I have no reason to leave my apartment. It’s a BIG holiday so nothing is open anyway. I certainly don’t have any money as my pension check which normally comes on the first of the month will be delayed by 24 hours due to the holiday landing on the 1st of the month.

So, what does one do on a Non-Day? I started mine late as I had no alarm set and decided to start by sleeping in later than normal. In this case I waited for the sun to rise before stirring. I hit the bathroom, showered, shaved and made myself pretty for nobody in particular. I just didn’t want to smell bad or scare myself or anyone else. LOL

Next comes food! Normally I join my friend, Eddie, at one of two restaurants that we frequent. Both are closed on New Year’s Day so I’m again on my own. I’m actually quite a good cook so I made two fried eggs over easy on toasted, buttered Canadian white bread. I also prepared a huge cup of Lipton hot tea with Splenda and lemon juice. I consider hot tea in the morning as important as others think of their morning coffee. I’m a tea guy!

Now that I’m clean, shaved and fed I look around for what I will do with myself to pass the day. I started by washing the breakfast dishes and picked up my living room. Next I pulled my clothes hamper, still full of clean socks & underwear over next to my bed where I could begin the process of sorting and folding both my white socks and underwear. I neatly then moved to my underwear shelf where I laid them all out for easy access. Chores done!

All this didn’t take very long as it was still just after 9:00 a.m. when I finished. Time for a nap! Yes, I said nap! Can’t put out all that work and not recharge my ancient battery! I checked online for fresh email which, as expected, drew a blank. Living in a government subsidized housing community has its advantages as this neighborhood is tucked into the corner of a wooded area of town. There’s not a sound to be heard outside. Perfect napping conditions. To be continued……


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