More Fun From The Oregon Zoo

It’s always good to get mail from the Oregon Zoo. I miss my visits there so very much that I’m happy to share the activities with my blog audience. Enjoy!


Elizabitch Warren, from Massachusetts, moved to start impeachment proceedings against president Trump. She’s a candidate for the presidential election in 2020. To me she falls into the same category as Hillary Clinton, a NO way choice. I’d vote for a yellow dog before voting for Betty Boop Warren. It’s gotten so bad I can’t stand the sight of her on the TV screen. I’ll be first in line to vote AGAIN for Donald Trump. Where’s my MAGA hat?


Playing With New Toys

It’s here, it’s here! My new Maple Moxon Vise just arrived. I already have one coat of beeswax on the threads for the solid wood screws as well as the first coat of boiled linseed oil on the jaws (chops). Boy this toy is heavy! The jaws are made of 2″ thick solid maple as are the threaded wooden screws. With that coating on the threads there will be no squeaking while turning the screws. Everything was so simple to assemble as there are only 4 parts: two jaws & two pre-threaded screws. Now I wait for the first coats to dry before putting on the 2nd and possibly 3rd coats. What fun!

Moxon Vise Lite

A Good Vise – Squeeze

Everyone has a vise, especially woodworkers. When working with tools, whether with power tools or hand tools, it’s important to hold your work firmly. There are so many ways to do this I won’t be getting into the list as a book could be written on just holding wood.

One of the methods I’m interested in employs the use of a Moxon Vise. A moxon vise employs the use of two flat surfaces and two screws that can be individually adjusted and tightened on your work. It’s extremely versatile because you have total control of the positioning and tightness you desire. A moxon vise is a favorite of woodworkers that cut dovetail joints.

While shopping for an affordable moxon vise it became obvious that prices ranged from a couple of hundred dollars to over $500. There are tons of plans and DIY lessons on making your own. I compromised by getting a quality vise from an American small business that makes exactly what I wanted, quality and value. Sold! For $149 I have a small moxon vise coming that made of thick hardwood with large hand screws also made of wood. The vise is portable and designed to use two clamps to clamp it to your work surface, whether that’s a workbench or picnic table. It arrives unfinished so I’ll have fun staining the vise and applying a sealer/protectant. I also will build an extension table to make it even more versatile. All this for $150 plus postage. A await a shipping date from the shop, Lake Erie Toolworks.

Moxon Vise Lite

See What I Saw

Goodness it’s been a long time since I last posted! No excuses it’s just that life has pulled me in other directions during this beginning to Spring. Crossing my fingers that we don’t get a freak April snowstorm as we’ve had in previous years. We’re climbing near 60 each afternoon these days meaning it’s time to get outside.

That means that it’s time for my woodworking to get active again. I’ve been cloistered for months feeling as if I’ve been in hibernation. Checking to see if I smell like a bear! LOL I’m ok in that department so it’s safe to venture amongst people again!

I have a long list of great woodworking projects lined up this Spring. First and foremost is the building of a new outdoor chair. My cheap, plastic variety lawn chair broke as I sat in it last Fall. It wasn’t a pretty sight as I was with 3-4 neighbors as I toppled over. That chair wound up in out trash dumpster shortly thereafter.

After I have my chair built there’s a long list of boxes to make. I have a chisel box to create along with half a dozen bench plane boxes to store my hand planes in safely. I have the 3 pieces to my breakdown workbench leaned up against my living room wall, ready to move outside.

I’ve added a few new hand tools to my collection this Winter that included a plow plane from Veritas, my new chisel collection from Lie-Nielsen and a brand new tapered carcass saw from Lie-Nielsen. The saw is in the mail and will be delivered by USPS any day now. I hope to try it out on that lawn chair project.

A carcass saw is set up for crosscutting wood very quickly and efficiently. I know that I have a beautiful electric table saw with an equally fantastic Incra crosscut sled and miter gauge but I love hand tools as they are quiet and produce less sawdust to clean up. I have plenty of material to make my projects as I’ve been stocking up on my plywood and construction lumber during this Winter. “I love the smell of lumber in the morning”! LOL

So below is a stock photo of my new Lie-Nielsen Tapered Crosscut Carcass saw. As a friend would say, “It’s a thing of beauty”! Are you out there my friend, Marion? You may think $140 plus postage is a lot for this gem of a custom saw until you look at another fantastic saw by Rob Cosman in Canada. His small shop produces some of the finest saws in the world! His version of a joinery crosscut carcass saw will cost you $250 plus postage.

Addendum: The new carcass saw from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks has just arrived at my door, meticulously packaged and wrapped in moisture resistant special paper. I am a fan of their work forever! 🙂



Lie-Nielsen Tapered Carcass Saw