New Technology, More Fun!

I’ve been busy the past week setting up and programming a new toy, an Acer Chromebook 15. It’s a hybrid between a tablet PC and a full laptop computer. It’s designed to be very fast, lightweight and inexpensive. My 15.6″ Acer was just $144.

It has a small solid state drive with an SD memory card reader on-board. I’ve already purchased a 32 gig memory card, Class 10, and installed it in that reader. For years I’ve shied away from storing my photographs and music on computer hard drives. I have too much time and money invested in all that data to risk theft or fire destroying my life’s work. I’ve been using cloud (internet) storage for years.

I already own a beautiful MacBook Pro 15″ laptop with all the bells and whistles but it’s heavy and expensive. People instantly recognize an Apple product and realize it’s over $2,000. My new Chromebook is $144 and serves the same function as my laptop without concern that I could lose it or get it stolen when outside my home.

The Chromebook uses Google’s Chrome Operating System which is simple to use and well familiar to me since I’m a big fan of Google, Chrome, YouTube, Gmail and YouTube TV. By signing into my Google account I was instantly greeted by all my saved favorite internet sites and accounts. Chrome search engine has all my site passwords stored away securely. The Chromebook comes with virus protection software built into the operating system.

So now I’m about to strike out into the world with my new toy. It has a tremendous battery life of about 10 hours of continuous use. I’ll keep you informed how it performs. 🙂

Cat VS Dog Guardian

Finally a video showing which pet would watch over your property the best. I love this video!