Cat VS Dog Guardian

Finally a video showing which pet would watch over your property the best. I love this video!


Complete Joinery Set of Saws

I’ve just completed my collection of joinery saws with the purchase of my Tenon Saw. Long & lean it’s slightly different than the other two. For one thing it’s designed for ripping operations so it’s longer and wider than the carcass or dovetail saw. The handle is fully enclosed and reinforced with three rivets instead of two.

Now it’s time to put these beautiful Lee_Nielsen saws to work, completing a Japanese style toolbox that includes a saw till to hold these saws. I’ll also carry a complete set of Lee_Nielsen beveled bench chisels and a couple of LN bench planes. The box I have in mind will have room for marking gauges, magnetic cutting guides for dovetails and 90 degree box joints. I look forward to getting started.

LN Tapered Joinery Saws

Your Social Security number isn’t suspended. Ever.

I just got a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. He claimed they have noticed fraudulent activity involving my SSN. He wanted me to click a number to be connected to an agent who give me more information. Click!

That’s all I needed to hear before hanging up my phone. This is a scam going around trying to fool you into giving them your personal information. My Social Security check is directly deposited into my bank account. I can sense a scam when I hear one.

Beware of this and other scams that are designed to make you panic and compromise your security. The government, whether it’s the SSA or IRS or any federal agency would never call you at home. They also would never freeze, suspend or cancel your Social Security Number.

Should you get such a call simply hang up and call their bluff, secure that you’ve avoided a scam.

“I’m So Sexy In My Socks….”

I’m in love! I just recently discovered men’s clothing made from bamboo. It’s softer and cooler than the finest cotton, stretches but doesn’t shrink and wicks sweat from your skin with a fabric that absorbs odors. These socks are recommended for diabetics as well because they act a bit lot compression socks but won’t restrict blood circulation. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. 4 pair cost me $17.95 on

Men's Bamboo Socks 2

Dear YouTube:

I watch a lot of YouTube videos! YouTube keeps track of what I watch and makes recommendations on future videos for me. That’s the way it’s supposed to work!

I am a senior citizen, now 70, a conservative christian who voted for Donald Trump. I love computers, photography & woodworking. I have an interest in gardening, flowers and birds.

So how does YouTube suddenly decide that I want to watch videos about gay protesters in Portland, OR? YouTube’s choices get so bizarre that every now & then I have to clear my viewing history and start all over with them.

First & foremost I wish they simply get a general idea of who & what I am. I don’t really care about full body painting of nude women who then proceed to waltz around metropolitan areas testing if anyone will notice. LOL

I’ve written to YouTube directly about their algorithms that make choices for my viewing pleasure. Evidently Artificial  Intelligence is an oxymoron! I’m afraid to deviate my viewing off my normal subjects for fear that I’ll be flooded by like videos. Watch someone, anyone, playing a guitar and maybe singing a bit and suddenly your recommended video choice contain every Tom, Dick & Mary doing cover songs. Green River, originally played by CCR, when played by a Japanese teen comes out as “Gleen Liva”!

Still, I’m hopelessly hooked on YouTube to learn woodworking skills, repair my SmartCar and find what species of bird I just photographed in my backyard. YouTube isn’t perfect but it’s the closest thing to Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine that answers all questions in the form of a video. 🙂

Signs of Summer

Ah yes I’ve turned off my furnace and turned on my air conditioner. We had a sunny 84 degree day yesterday and everything’s in bloom. That includes Al’s garden, my next door neighbor. The crocus and daffodils are behind us as the tulips, roses and iris abound. The bearded iris in Al’s garn are up in all their glory, first one then two more.

I decided to grab my camera and capture their beauty before their time had come and gone this morning. We had an overcast start to our morning as rain approaches with a front this afternoon. Overcast skies produce the best light for flower photography so here’s my first shot of fresh flowers for 2019.

Al Bearded Lily 01

Time Never Stands Still

I just stumbled across a reply I made regarding the Amur tigers at the Oregon Zoo. It was my privilege to know Mikhail & Nicole before Nicole’s sudden seizure and death shortly before leaving the Pacific Northwest. I watched as Nicole’s brother, Mikhail, mourned her passing for weeks. I just read that Mikhail also passed away since my relocation but that the zoo has acquired two new Amur tigers since then.

Time marches on as Nature completes yet another cycle in our lives. Nothing lives forever on our world so we must learn to live with change, inevitable change. Still, I have my memories and my collection of photographs from when these magnificent animals were still with us. Long live their memories!

Sleeping Siblings


Mikki Intense


Tiger 06

The Look

I just turn 70 on May 10. I suppose it was a milestone in my life. I never thought I’d make it this far. It’s been an exceedingly rough year for me both psychologically and physically. I’ve also lost a couple of friends to diabetes, alzheimer’s and things that don’t even have names. We’re entering into Memorial Day weekend. I don’t even want to think about that because it’s a painful reminder about the sacrifices given by our veterans so that we all can live our lives in a free society with opportunities only dreamt about by other peoples.

I saw my neighbor today for the first time in nearly a week. He’s been in the hospital in serious condition. When I saw him entering his apartment with his wife I almost didn’t recognize him. He looked like he’s aged 20 years in the past week, that he’s lost a lot of weight and was barely able to walk. In fact he was using a walker for the first time I’d ever seen him even own one. His was not a healthy look. He looked like he’d already given up. I know this look and it makes me sad.

Cable Buster

Over a year ago now I cut the cord to Cable TV. I was paying hundreds of dollars and had a huge selection of junk channels I never watched. When YouTube TV was released in the Boston area I jumped onboard without hesitation. I already had a Roku Smart TV so it was a simple matter of signing up for YouTube TV, $35 a month and then downloading the YouTube TV channel using Roku. Bingo, I now have 81 of the best cable channels plus an unlimited DVR at my command. The added benefit is that I have access to all those channels regardless of the device I’m using as long as I’m in range of a wifi network connection. My two tablets, MacBook Pro laptop, iMac desktop and my 37″ Roku TV.

Now I’m playing it forward. I’m helping a senior lady from my Senior Center cut the cord after she told me her cable bill was over $300 a month, Yikes! Now it will be more like $120 and she will have a fantastic picture, 81 channels and a free unlimited DVR. Amen!

Cable Buster