Share Your World – February 19, 2018

Share Your World – February 19, 2018

How do you like your eggs?

In my opinion you can do no wrong with eggs. I love them fried, over easy, scrambled without stirring them in the pan, soft boiled 4 minutes in boiling water and hard boiled in a salad or in egg salad. I eat two over easy with bacon and a toasted english muffin every morning at Jube’s Family Restaurant in Whitinsville, MA.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I’ve known a number of famous people in my life. If you live in any place long enough there are always locally there are always celebrities who are from there or visiting there. I met Matt Roloff on his farm near Hillsboro, OR where he and his family lived.


What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

If by your own money you mean money that your were paid for at a job that would have to be my first car, a 1955 Buick Special. Quickly after that was car insurance, etc.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? 

That would have to be New England Weather. Last Sunday morning we were blessed with 6″ inches of fresh snow in 20 degree temperatures. Tomorrow we will set a record high of 72 in bright sunshine. We’re in February in New England. Believe it or not our weather did exactly the same thing in February last year. A blizzard was followed by record high temps melting it all. 🙂




When You Live In New England…

When you live in New England 6″ of snow overnight is nothing. By the time the sun rises an army of trucks with plows has cleared every road in every direction. Back roads are cleared as well as the main arteries. I know because before sunrise I was out clearing off my SmartCar. I could see exactly how much snow we got, around 6″, because that’s what I had to sweep off my roof, first. It’s the law here to clean your roof. Still, some idiots make excuses when they haven’t done their duty. I hope they get big fat tickets to pay for their laziness.

I intended to head for dunkin donuts this morning not for their donuts but for their 2 for $5 bacon, egg and cheese croissants. Unfortunately I was faced with a police cruiser blockade in the direction I needed to travel so I detoured off to a side street where I promptly got lost. Fortunately I found myself behind one of those snow plows so the road in front of me was cleared. I finally fired up my Tom Tom GPS and hit the “Home” button. It led me in a big loop right back to where I started. I kept going, this time stopping at a Jumbo Donut shop close to my neighborhood. There I bought two bacon & egg bagels. It wasn’t as cheap as Dunkin Donuts and the sandwiches weren’t as good but they would do the job to get me fed.

Now, safely back in my apartment, the sun has risen and the maintenance staff at Calumet Court is busy clearing the parking lot and shoveling the sidewalks. My tracks were still quite easy to see as I had broken virgin snow on the way out. After hanging up all my Winter clothing I settle down in my “man” chair to digest my breakfast and watch the news and weather report. I’m feeling like a nap may be forthcoming! 🙂

My Days Off

By now my followers know that I’ve been retired since 2010. So how is it I declared to have two days off this week? You see I have a regular set of activities that include lunch at my Senior Center, church on sunday and breakfast 6 days a week at Jube’s restaurant at precisely 6:00 a.m.. I never need to order because the chef, Dave, knows what I want and starts cooking my breakfast before the door opens at 6 a.m. sharp. The same goes for Ed & Terry, the other two guys waiting for the doors to open. We’re what are known as regulars. We sit in the same booths, order the same things off the menu and make fun of ourselves and the cook, Dave. It’s an enjoyable way to start your day.

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off. Monday I’m taking the day off. You see tonight there’s a snowstorm heading our way that promises to dump 6″-8″ of snow overnight. I have no intention in getting out in that kind of snow and driving anywhere, especially on a sleepy Sunday morning. I’ll be making my own breakfast and sleeping in. Monday is my 2nd day off in a row. The reason for that is the fact that Jube’s Restaurant is always closed on Mondays. Also my Senior Center will be closed for lunch because it’s a holiday, Presidents Day. So there you have it, two days off for a man that has every minute of every day off.


That’s it! I’ve had enough of young PUNKS who are loners, sick in the head and taking it out on children with mass shootings. I have a solution to post to my readers that will solve the problem.

I want the government to list the politicians who oppose gun legislation that would take semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of civilians. The weapons being used in mass murders are intended for military and law enforcements, not hunters or target shooters. Remove them from gun dealers, gun shows and the open market. If a politician opposes these withdrawals list them on media so we can vote them out of office and replace them with sensible representatives who can’t be bought by the gun lobbies and NRA.

Not one more life should be lost to crazy fools arming themselves, publicly announcing their intention to kill others and then carrying out their sick plans. If their numbers are too great to deal with by law enforcement agencies physically blind them and set them free with no rights to bear arms.

Share Your World – February 12, 2018

Share Your World – February 12, 2018

Are you a practical jokester?

I believe I have a great sense of humor but it doesn’t extend to practical jokes.

Who cuts your hair?  You, a friend, or professional.

Until I was 20 my mom cut my hair. There was a time when I lived near my sister in South Carolina that she cut my hair. Now I use a standard barber who does a nice job.

Did you have a stuffed animal when you were a kid, if so what kind?

I can’t remember ever having a stuffed animal of any kind.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

That would be Mary Ann chewing me out for having purchased a custom jigsaw puzzle of Packy, the elephant. Although a gorgeous photograph it turned out to be a very difficult puzzle because the color scheme is so similar throughout the puzzle. It’s a 16″ x 20′ puzzle with 513 pieces.

Packy 08


YouTube TV For My Roku TV

Finally Google, the owner of YouTube TV, has come out with a Roku channel for my Roku TV. I’ve been waiting for this to happen so I could sign up for their service that provides 52 of the best cable tv channels to your tv, tablet, computer or smartphone for just $35 a month. You still need an internet provider but that just costs me another $65 a month from Charter Cable, my ISP provider.The total for internet, unlimited long distance telephone and YouTube TV is $100 a month, a bargain compared to Charter’s TV package at around $160 a month. I also get unlimited DVR recording with YouTube TV service.

Now I can watch both my beloved New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox which is on NESN as one of those Boston local channels on YouTube TV. I’m doing my happy dance since I now can watch & record every minute of the 2018 Olympics on all the NBC channels that are covering it.

If you want to save a buttload of money on your cable bill I suggest checking out YouTube TV. In case you don’t have a Roku TV or Roku gadget that’s ok because Google will give you a Chromecast gadget for free that will let you hook up any TV to YouTube TV, providing you have an internet wi-fi setup. Do I spend $110 a month verus $160 a month plus an unlimited DVR for free. With typical cable tv packages approaching $300 a month these days it’s time for me to “cut the cord”!

YouTube TV Channels

There are two more Spanish speaking channels including Telemundo Boston. I deleted them off my list only because I don’t speak Spanish. 🙂 Keep in mind YouTube TV also includes an extensive free movie collection along with their standard informational YouTube content.



Postcard Memories

Did I take these pictures? I look back through my archives and remember every photograph I’ve ever taken, where I was and why I took the shot. Pictures are snapshots in time, memories of a special moment. I pinch myself sometimes to look at these digital memories of my past, and smile. It’s a reminder that I used to be pretty good at this lifelong passion and love affair that is photography.

The two pictures seen below were actually taken on the same day. I had made yet another ride to Camp 18 family restaurant on Highway 26 heading toward the Pacific coast. Camp 18 got its name simply by being located at the 18 mile marker from Seaside, OR. A converted logging camp, it’s carved out of the forest and built from logs cut on that same plot of land. If you love all things wood as I do you’d love Camp 18. I used to ride my motorcycles and scooters the 50 miles from my home just for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The rustic setting in front of their huge working fireplace was home to 10,000 photographic opportunities. I seldom took my photography students there simply because it was sensory overload to me. I never wanted to leave.

I used to make the simple shots into postcards and present them to the owners of this establishment. They had a memorabilia store where they sold them to tourists. I never asked for payment for my shots but simply delighted in knowing visitors were taking home representations of my memories. I love to share.

Firefly 4

Table By The Fireplace Postcard

Share Your World – February 5, 2018

Share Your World – February 5, 2018

What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?

It would need to be warmer, probably July in Oregon. I would ride my 250cc Piaggio touring scooter along highway 26 to Seaside, OR and Cannon beach. The miles of pristine beach would be totally abandoned as the weekend crowds had long since returned to their jobs in the small cities and towns in the Portland area. I would walk along that quiet beach listening to the waves crashing in on the rocks surrounding Haystack Rock. The sand castles built by visitors that weekend were still being washed away by the morning tide, making everything new again. It was a great time to be alone, retired and able to enjoy the beauty of the Oregon coast on a quiet Monday morning.

Canon Beach 01b

Rock 04a

Haystack 02

What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?

THe one person I miss the most from my 10 years in Oregon is my best friend, Warren. We were a dynamic duo when we lived in the same area. We went everywhere together whether it was just for a cup of coffee at Longbottom’s Coffee House or on a wild “road trip” to Northern California for fried rice. We just enjoyed each other’s company.

As a side note this close-up was taken with my Leica V-Lux 20 pocket digital camera. I love the quality of the shot due to Leica’s famous high quality optice. This is my favorite portrait of Warren so I’ll always keep it.

Warren 1_Leica


List your favorite toys or games as a kid?

I had a very wonderful childhood growing up with my younger brother, Ed, who is one year and 9 months younger than me. His birthday is Feb 09 so he’s in my thoughts right now. We grew up in a rural neighborhood two miles from the closest town. Our circle of friends included about 6 kids who gathered on a daily basis to play board games and card games during Summer break. My favorite game was Monopoly. We played it as if it were a war.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

I appreciate my health. As I await an appointment to schedule cataract surgery for my eyes I appreciate being able to see well and being born in an era where corrective surgery for eye issues is so commonly available.



Losing A Slipper

Sometimes the simple things in life leave the greatest impact on us. It was a simple enough act, getting up and walking across the room. This is something I’ve done millions of times in my life yet this night, something was different. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it for a few seconds until I noticed my right foot seemed colder than my left foot. The reason, my skipper had come come off of my right foot.

Here I was, limping around my kitchen wearing just one slipper. My naked foot was getting colder by the minute so I reversed my course and returned to my “man” chair to spot the abandoned slipper leaning casually against my footstool, as if to say, “where did you think you were going without me?” In a flash I’d retrieved the missing, warm, snuggly slipper and all was well again for both my tootsies.  Life could now return to normal. 🙂